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  1. But if you don't wanna pay any extra money, buy an nVidia card. It has a dedicated chip that ensures high-quality records with minimal performance drop. This chip can be used by nVidia's own recording program Shadowplay but also by other programs such as OBS
  2. @stanislas69: except for the scenario design contest
  3. I'd like to put a big why? in this topic. This game is being played by kids you know... (even my little bro plays this mod every now and then)
  4. Yup, Millennium A.D. has nothing to do with Terra Magna Btw, Norse are meant to be cav-less, not sure what you mean by P3
  5. I miss the big work on the seleucid art in your overview though
  6. If you change the vision then you should change the walk speed and attack range accordingly imo. Other than that this seems just yet another balance mod to me and fairly pointless as long as there is no coherent gameplay design...
  7. I think that might be an idea for Delenda Est, for TM we should maybe look for a different solution (as vanilla doesn't really do anything with pre-placed buildings except for the Iberian walls)
  8. Not sure about having the ability to train multiple special units at a merc camp in addition to the fortress ánd the temple too btw (unless these mercs are just some citizen-soldier type units with metal cost instead of food, that could work). I would be really in for some drastic narrowing as a result of tech pairs...
  9. btw, don't forget to put a small decal beneath the yurts
  10. We should make sure that the Kushites don't get access to too many different champions (at the same time), it would make them really OP i think. Doing both a full mercenary roster ánd a diverse champion roster is also going to be problematic. Having a generic temple that can upgrade to select between a champion units could be one way of addressing this problem (though we should take a little care with the unique techs too because that could also be a source of OP-ishness if you get what I mean...)
  11. You have moving elements on this one to or did you paint it all in one layer? (f.e. the rocks and the left two soldiers might fit a separate layer)
  12. You should be able to follow the naming scheme roughly, at least for houses you can do... it is much easier than fiddling with the AI code...
  13. The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! What is it? Millennium A.D. is a total conversion mod for 0 A.D. focusing on the Middle Ages. It is divided in two parts, this first one is focusing on the first half of the Middle Ages; the timeframe of Charlemagne and the Viking Age. The name of this release is Dellingr. This is an old Norse god, symbolizing dawn. Pretty apt for a new release What is new? A few months ago, a new artist called Alexandermb joined the team. This talented modder is responsible for majority of the new content seen in thi
  14. @Arcana33: you're not explaining it right. You're talking about the art actors which is something completely different from the simulation templates (and the latter is what the AI is looking for). Petra looks for a {civ}_house.xml in /simulation/templates/structures (and '{civ}' should be replaced with the civilization code as defined in civ.json such as 'athen_house.xml')
  15. I think you should make the TurnRate lower instead of higher
  16. You should be able to take some clues from ship templates, they don't turn indefinitely fast as well
  17. offtopic: why are all these questions asked in the tutorials & guides subforum?
  18. niektb

    Render Dump

    @stanislas69: but I must say the tower looks gorgeous! The thing with the temple is that the roof texture looks a bit flat (and doesn't have a lot of depth to it)
  19. Like Lion says, Company of Heroes is regarded to be one of the best rts games all-time
  20. How did you specify the mod loading order in the mod selection menu?
  21. @viridis: did you check the YouTube video I linked to in the other topic?
  22. @Sundiata: great, I'll surely add them ASAP (I would love to get them in before the next release!)
  23. @Lion.Kanzen: because we still don't have official permission from @balduin or @Sundiata to add them
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