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  1. Well, Lion is the expert here so I leave that decision to him
  2. No you don't understand, I wánt to look around multiple topics so I can give feedback per mesh instead of the whole bunch at once
  3. Btw, according to our research (https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6hwc2k81h430k4/viking research.pdf?dl=0 page 8) the karvi has between 12 and 32 oars so you current count for the karvi oars is fine Btw, I noticed that we now have two different texture types for the Norse ships. The first one is bright and is used on the fishing ship, snekkja and the knarr. The second is much darker (and is used on Alexandermb's karvi and drekar). I think we should make a choice between one of those for the sake of cohesion. What about you @Alexandermb @stanislas69 Also, @Alexandermb: please don't forget a
  4. That would be too much for the size of the model really (in reality the drekkars were extremely long, see shieldwolf's research documents, but that would give troubles with the pathfinder and such)
  5. The pathfinder is the biggest problem but the renderer performance is certainly not negligible. In fact, a new render engine is being written (though the development seems a bit stalled ATM) because the current one isn't too fast. Note that the new unit meshes barely have more polys than the old ones, they're used being used more cleverly. How much polys does the new one have (and how much the old)?
  6. Didn't we already have a Norse axe?
  7. 0 A.D. is played on multiplayer too and it wouldn't be quite fair if one player modified his templates so that his units become really strong, would it?
  8. @Alexandermb: the ones that are completely finished should be committed, the ones that still need feedback or approval should be given a separate topic for each mesh or anything (you can see that this topic is already starting to get cluttered ) So we would end up with topic names like [Norse][Building] Longport [Norse][Ship] Drekkar Etc...
  9. Are these the original blend files or the exported dae's? Because in case of the latter they should be committed when everybody agrees It would be easiest for us if you could create a separate topic for each mesh so it's easier to keep track of the status of the mesh and the feedback on the mesh (take for example the carolingian dock, you probably posted it somewhere earlier but it's the first I see it )
  10. @balduin: oh, I thought you wanted to translate the full mod right away as well sorry for my misunderstanding!
  11. @balduin: logo is work in progress as you can read in this topic. The showcasing scenario is sorta ready (am I right @shieldwolf23 @Skhorn?) so just a few screenshots need to be taken for that. I need the logo (and some kind of banner) before I can do the ModDB page transformation. as @Lion.Kanzen mentions the corn field needs some improvement (poly count is quite a bit too high) and there are a few other adjustments that should be done in the future. The .json file has alpha 22 as requirement because it would errors at Alpha 21, so you would need svn to test it. But yeah, I hope to do a Terra
  12. @balduin: of course you're free to set up a translation framework and trying to find people for that but I assure you that the best way to attract attention and contributors is by showing off that you can deliver quality content... There are so many startup mods/games that are trying to find people (go browse ModDB for instance and see how many unreleased mods there are), why would they feel attracted to contribute if you haven't produced anything except research documents? (but hey, that's just my advice, dismiss it if you have a different opinion )
  13. Page four of this topic:
  14. IMHO I think it would better to first bother about creating something (that's worth) to translate before bothering about finding translators (though taking into account that the mod might be translated in the future isn't bad)
  15. I like chicken but lol, I personnaly don't have the association at all. I think with Balduin's version the letter T is not so recognizable
  16. I think that only solves the list sections. However, an essential part of Heavengames is the ability to give reviews and rate the content that was produced...
  17. That's actually doesn't apply in our case since we release all the art in our mod under the CC-BY-SA license, explicitly allowing commercial use of the content. Though of course we could create exceptions for everything but that isn't too practical imo
  18. @stanislas69: the wooden tower (which the Norse have) is renamed to sentry tower and every civ has it's custom sentry tower model @Alexandermb: it's a funny idea but the AI will hate it for sure :/
  19. I think you might be able to take some clues from this template: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est/blob/master/simulation/templates/units/imp_infantry_swordsman_b.xml
  20. @Alexandermb: The drekkar looks good! Though might I suggest to brighten the player color on the sail a bit so that it's more recognizable during a game and more consistent with the other Norse ships? About the new longhouse: the model is quite good but none of the other Norse buildings have similar bends so I wonder if there is a way to make it visually more consistent with the other buildings... Any ideas? Also note that your upper roof has a different texture scale that the lower roof, and the texture on the small roof above the door is rotated 90 degrees
  21. That's pretty obvious I think: your icon should be in art\textures\ui\session\portraits\units not art\textures\ui\session\portraits
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