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  1. I think @leper and @s0600204 deserve some credit too for the maintenance updates and fixes they did since last release
  2. Seems like I was a little careless when copying the tech files over I never intended to add the glory resource (weird though that this pops up a whopping 9 months after commit)
  3. @gameboy: do you play other mods together with Terra Magna (at the same time)?
  4. IIRC some engines replace 3D object (like trees) with a (pre-generated) 2D flat picture when viewing from further away, that would incredibly reduce the amount of tris on the screen, wouldn't it? (even though it might look a bit ugly when switching between 3D and 2D)
  5. I think he has a 4K resolution screen... Why else would he need binoculars?
  6. Cool to see the mod catching up again! Very nice work! As a sidenote: I think the building texture is bit too dark
  7. funny fact: they're already included in the faction list
  8. Dunno about the most recent alterations to the texture, the current color pallet feels weird / unnatural / gloomy / dark (just a few words that come to my mind) (btw, I wasn't a big fan of the initial state either)
  9. Karvi shouldn't have the same stats as the snekkja, the Karvi was meant to be a hybrid trader/warship whereas the Snekkja is just a warship (so the karvi should be weaker in combat) Maybe you could put some cargo on board of the karvi to illustrate that it can trade too? Nice work on the meshes btw!
  10. Actually, I expect it to be much better. It is created a by different studio. Relic to be precise, which is also the studio behind the Company of Heroes franchise...
  11. Offtopic: @stanislas69: I can still participate in discussion and stuff on the forums but as far as actively producing content, yes...
  12. I have removed SVN a while ago from my computer so I'm a little reluctant to redownload everything just for one single commit (and prolly remove it afterwards again...)
  13. I can review the map design but I can't really comment on playability as I don't really have the time to playtest it extensively. I never committed anything since we switched to Phabricator, I think it's better if someone else does the actual commit (my SVN is also around Alpha 21 I think)
  14. Now this is some map design! Most maps that are posted in these forums generally don't surpass a mediocre level of aesthetics but this is some darn nice painting!
  15. I got access to the closed beta too but I found it rather annoying to play. Pathfinding and unit behaviour are rather poor (but maybe that's an accurate representation of the original game?)
  16. Gee, that was what you call a productive weekend  excellent work guys! Keep it going!
  17. Whoah, that's a hell of a pull request! I've been reading through it and pulled it! Many thanks for your work @elexis!
  18. it's used to display the mod name and version...
  19. Not sure where you got that from, but ATM there is no such thing as an official design document
  20. Ah fair enough, the others (or at least some of them) didn't know so all we knew is that you just shamelessly copied the stuff from DE Well, I reckoned so but I didn't notice any kind of discussion / debate on these so I consider it to be completely your own interpretation of the civ
  21. @balduin: personally I don't like it that one dev develops/modifies the civ to his own taste (see the civ traits list he listed f.e.) (tbh I find it a bit weird too that he uses new civs to promote a gameplay mod (cause that is what Vox Populi)). So if you'd ask me, I would like to continue the development like we did before
  22. re 35: you can alter the colors of the resources easily by editing some xml/json files but it's pretty hard for terrain textures. You'd have to mesh with the C++ code to get that to work
  23. @rjhwinner03: every single game I know has been built on an engine. It would be weird to do it differently because it allows you to create a fast, low-level engine (that has f.e. highly optimized rendering) and create a game on top of it in a more convenient programming language. In case of 0 A.D., the programmer team wrote their own engine in C++ (called Pyrogenesis) and programmed a game on top of it in JavaScript. Pyrogenesis doesn't have such a nice GUI to create your game in though... (like UE4 and Unity) But honestly, if you didn't know about this stuff, I'd advise to improve y
  24. Looks nice! The only thing I'd say is that the tent texture looks a bit glossy (probably because of a too strong specular map?)
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