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  1. Perhaps, (not sure if its an option) we could temporarely disable saving with multiplayergames. (Till the AI is working properly with save games.
  2. When I'm trying to run my own AI, I get the following error at startup: WARNING: JavaScript warning: Script value conversion check failed: JSVAL_IS_BOOLEAN(v) (got type undefined) Does anyone know a way to solve this?
  3. Indeed AOE2 had fishing traps, but I actually never used it, because there were far more other ways to get food without paying wood. Fishing traps doesn't add to the game, I think.
  4. To reply on displaying of gather counts: it is really a must. You can see it in action in aoe3 and it really works. Every time I play an other RTS I really mis this feature.
  5. Just a question, but how do you know at which point the resource at the curve is? If you want to let the player know, you could perhaps add a graph to the game UI.
  6. @gameboy: Where did you get the errorlog?
  7. Hi guys, I've just returned from my holiday and I've got a bunch of idea's for my upcoming AI. I decided to name it Brennus, derivated from the Galic leader who attacked Rome and almost conquered it. It relies heavily on scouting, so scouting is the key. Futhermore I'm going to make a dynamic strategic-tree. Using the information from the scouts, it detects key information about strength, troop types and so on, and then the AI determines (using the tree) the best way to behave. I decided to use APIv2 at startup, and later on I'll upgrade. (as soon as v3 is really, really stable) Roadmap: - Sta
  8. After updating and rebuilding the solution everything goes fine, though it gives a warning. Where do I find an error log? Hmm... When I'm scanning with JSHint through APIv3 I get several errors like the following: In Shared.js: - 356,9: 'for each' is only available in Mozilla JavaScript extensions (use moz option). In map-module.js: - 5,1: 'const' is only available in JavaScript 1.7. Is this known? P.S. How do I send in a patch? (I've fixed several typographic errors in APIv3 like missing semicolons etc.) Edit: patch attached. Wriattii's patch from APIv3 is also inside. APIv3.patch
  9. Yeah, svn is pretty old-fashioned. Perhaps we should try to attract more developers by starting a few topics at leading technology forums. (I could start a topic at the dutch site Tweakers.net)
  10. Wraitii is currently rewriting lots of code in Aegis AI. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17144&pid=271828&st=20entry271828
  11. Okay, I downgraded my AI to v2 but now I get an comparable error, namely that _entities[id] is undefined at line 226 from base.js This is my current code: function NiBotAI(settings) { BaseAI.call(this, settings); this.turn = 0; } NiBotAI.prototype = new BaseAI(); NiBotAI.prototype.OnUpdate = function() { if (this.gameFinished){ return; } this.turn++; }; What is wrong? Second question: Is there a way to reload scripts, so I don't have to reload the save game every time?
  12. To all JS-programmers: It might be useful to use jshint as debugger in stead of the one included in the game. (Or in combination with)
  13. Could someone please rewrite scaredybot for APIv3? Using APIv3 instead of v1, I tried to make scaredybot train a villager, but it gives me a bunch of errors that sharedAI is not defined in base.js (line 51). Am I not permitted to upload .js files???
  14. Hi everyone, I just started programming AI's, but as I try to understand the working of the currently existing AI's, there are a few questions raising: 1. Which functions in the API are required for the AI to work properly? (e.g. gamestate etc.) 2. All AI's use a plan-queue-system. Are there other systems possible? 3. Why are the AI's stateless and is this required? Glad there is a forum over here. Regards, Niek
  15. How do I post a PM here at this forum? Edit: I'm going to start a thread.
  16. I think we could learn a great deal from Pyro Studio's (also known from Commando) in terms of tactical combat. A repack from this game + extra mods can be found here: http://www.moddb.com...mods-complex-17 Did anyone need Empire Earth?? (I've got EE1+expansion as well as EE2)
  17. Hi everyone, My name is Niek, I'm 17 years old and I'm planning to join the programmers here. I decided to start with the AI, because there aren't many of them and because I already know JS, but I can't find any documentation about the development of AI's with 0 A.D. Can anyone provide some help? P.S.: Is this the right place to ask this sort of questions?
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