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  1. @Sundiata: oh sure! I merely to try to explain the reasoning of others (which you probably noticed by the way I phrased my words ;)) btw, I think this civ probably attracts a lot of people to the mod scene. It's coming along really well! @LordGood: the situation is a tad different though. The other civs really depended on mostly one person. This is more like a team
  2. @Sundiata: that wasn't the argumentation for rejecting it though, the explanation was something among the lines of 'having production quality mods is good for showing the modding capabilities of 0 A.D.'...
  3. I looked it up though: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aachen_Cathedral seems like it might be usable after all (or at least the building started almost ~300 years before the ending of our timeframe)
  4. The same thing was suggested for the Han Chinese, yet never made it through (not to mention the amount of civ proposals that were denied because 'no new factions will be added for 0 A.D. part 1'...)
  5. I mentioned it in the PM, I have replaced the 3D corn (which had an extremely high poly count) with a 2D corn. Both made by LordGood
  6. Years ago, I created a small tutorial video about using real world height data I never stumbled across OOM data...
  7. May I also point out that you've linked your image from other websites quite a few times, it might be a good idea to back them up properly I stumbled across that when continuing the Rise of the East project. I couldn't use much of their old references since quite a bit of their sources went offline Imgur for example throws away images when their monthly (or yearly, dunno exactly) view count drops below a certain point... => that apparently changed two years ago
  8. Maybe create an index in the first post in this topic to make browsing this thread easier?
  9. Btw, you mistyped wackyserious name @wowgetoffyourcellphone
  10. I actually hope to release TM for A22 but I'm having the problem of working on a crappy laptop that isn't able to run 0 A.D. in a playable manner so I can't test things out (not until next weekend)
  11. niektb

    A22 issues

    I did that with Millennium A.D. and RotE (you could easily copy it and swap a few civ codes). I believe FeXor was working on improving that (must be a ticket somewhere)
  12. In this particular image the size looks alright: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22403-improvements-of-norse-models/&do=findComment&comment=331766 If the size hasn't been changed since then I'm fine with it. Btw, this topic only deals with the Drekar. The topics about the other Norse ships are now hidden?
  13. @stanislas69: well, you're the boss on this one. Do you have specific points to improve or do you think the whole concept is wrong?
  14. Ah sorry @Brightgalrs I'm not a native speaker so I misunderstood you
  15. @Brightgalrs: Thanks!
  16. @Lion.Kanzen: Yes, that's a better text size! Looks really pretty! @Brightgalrs: Hey there! You mean you don't like merge or do I misunderstand you?
  17. Looks epic! One little remark: for the main menu banner, could you increase the size of the text a little bit? Looks a bit small now... (And decrease the size of the logo to make room for the bigger text)
  18. Btw, could you on the fly also create a variant with text that we can use as main menu banner?
  19. Meh, I wouldn't change the complete style at this stage. Better do that in the conceptual stage Hehe, it was just a weird idea that came to my mind
  20. That's not a bad map at all! (Especially since it's your first attempt) I agree with the comments Sundiata made. I noticed similar tiling in the underwater textures. It's definitely by far the most time-consuming part of map designing to fix texture tiling... You can get away with less textures than Sundiata used in his example though it's all a matter of smart texture selection Why don't you try and practice your texture skills by painting a section of the community map?
  21. Couldn't you just prank him and tell him that rote seized to exist?
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