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  1. I have searched Transifex for [, and these are the current uses for tags: Whole manual segments that have a font tag at the beginning only, and no closing tag Some in-line headers that are separated by dashes in the manual Warnings in map descriptions Icons on the splash screen Maybe this can be resolved by parsing [font, [color and [img rather than just [? I any case, I think the tags should be removed from entries like: [font="sans-bold-16"]Graphics settings
  2. As to hair colors, having read, blonde and brown is accurate. You could also add really dark brown to the mix - there was a whole lot of migration and intermingling going on, and lots of Celts in Scotland have dark brown hair nowadays.
  3. Well, I consider tags to be code, because they can break things - so, they should only be there if they are really needed. Do we really need to let translators change the font size and things like that in 0 AD? Agreed, this has to be checked at runtime.
  4. Would it be OK for the translation to remove the "La partida" bit as a workaround? This would make the string fit into one row.
  5. \[ isn't something commonly checked for, so we can't use existing tools - a least not was far as I am aware of. The way we handle this in Widelands is that we send all strings through a "richtext-escape" function that will replace those elements that would cause crashes with appropriate entities. Since you are using square brackets for font instructions in translatable text, you'll need to write some regex to automatically replace these. The superior solution would be to redesign the strings in such a way that all code is removed from the translatable strings, then you wouldn't need
  6. @TenLeftFingers My best guess is that a string might have been marked as reviewed, and that the new translator doesn't have reviewer powers.
  7. How do you pull and push your updates? Maybe you could call tx push -s rather than relying on them pulling the changes.
  8. The description for the Kush civilization is missing too. I just thought I hadn't translated it yet, but it's not on Transifex either. See screenshot in the linked topic
  9. I know dynamic layout is hard... text might have a vertical scrollbar too, to keep the rest of the layout where it is? Scrollbars should be the easiest solution here I think. Definitely for A24, I expect that you have more important bugs to fix.
  10. The tutorial texts were split up to have less of a wall of text for translations. This now has he side effect of blank spaces missing between the sentences. Hard-coding a blank space here would also be problematic, because some languages like Chinese don't use them. So, I recommend having a function "join_sentences" that contains a translatable string pgettext("sentence separator", "%1 %2"), like this.
  11. I am getting some text/image overflow in the civilization help. My screen resolution is 1366 x 768. The text overflow happens only with Kush, because the text is the longest. Keep in mind that the text will be even longer with translations. Also, the units don't fit for all civilizations - see Persians in the screenshot. Maybe we could have a bottom scrollbar here?
  12. In-game: Tooltip in the Civ Center for phasing up That's all of them that I found.
  13. Lobby On entering: Host Game:
  14. Join Game Host Game "Registering with server..." goes by too fast in order to take a screenshot
  15. I just gave the latest release candidate a whirl, and there were quite a number of untranslated strings in it. I did spot checks on Transifex, and the strings are not there. I took screenshots. I'll split this into several posts in order not to have too many images in one post. Mod Selector
  16. You could also open an new topic and prepare a series of empty posts, one for each chapter, so that they will be in sequence without any interrupting comments. Then edit in your info.
  17. Actually, they would need the accounts on Transifex, not here. How much time do you want to spend really doing boring copy/paste? It might also become problematic coordinating that with people who work on Transifex directly.
  18. I guess that's Transifex blocking you, because you're not logged in. Public page of the project is: https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/public/ Go raibh míle maith agat!
  19. It's all explained on the Creative Commons site: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
  20. Starting points for information about Scotland are: Saint Columba https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columba Dalriada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dál_Riata Lord of the Isles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_of_the_Isles Picts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picts Archeological information suggests that there were Gaelic speakers in the west of Scotland dating from before the Dalriada though. It makes sense, because you can see Ireland from Scotland, and travel by boat was easier than travel by land. For Scotland, it might make sense to have 5 factions: Gaels
  21. The lag is a known problem that is difficult to solve. It is caused by the pathfinder when too many units are moving at the same time. This problem is very hard to fix. You can try lowering the maximum allowed number of units/pop cap.
  22. They currently have a release candidate out, so testing will be appreciated
  23. Good luck with the update - may it go smoothly!
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