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  1. We do have a page on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/0 A.D. It could use some box art though https://help.twitch.tv/customer/en/portal/articles/2348988-adding-a-game-and-box-art-to-the-directory
  2. There were 2 instances of big platforms creating problems in the last few years: SourceForge chose to replace installers with their own and added ads/additional software to them Google Code shut down (to be fair to them, they made it easy to migrate to GitHub) Also, GitHub (as opposed to Git) isn't free/libre. So, as long as Wildfire Games has the manpower and money to maintain their own, they should stick with it. And a webserver maintainer isn't necessarily an application programmer as well, so maintaining the thing probably doesn't take that much away from development t
  3. The translators' credit script will pick up the "Last-Translator:" field in the .po file headers as generated by the Transifex interface. So, after changing your account information on Transifex, you'll have to wait until the next translation update is run on the code base, make sure that you're in one of the file headers, and then double-check that you don't get duplicate credit.
  4. That should be Official Announcement Trailer. "Announce" is a verb. *headdesk* /Grammar Nazi
  5. "Buy" is a very short word in English - not so in other languages. The Scottich Gaelic translation "Ceannaich:" is truncated. gui/session/trade_window.xml:(caption):28:
  6. Here are the links I promised: http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/ https://www.toptal.com/designers/colorfilter
  7. Thanks for agreeing to look into this I call anything that's almost white pastels, be it grey or not. I have a friend who can't access GitHub at all due to modern web design, because he can't see anything. So, it's one of my pet peeves A good tool to see if you have any contrast is to take a screenshot and convert it to greyscale. There is also a website that you can run things through, but the link is non my other computer, so I'll have to dig it up there. I am attaching some with everything that's hard to see or completely invisible to people with a slight vision impairment. B
  8. We also have "General" without "Settings", but "Sound Settings" etc. This should be consistent as well - having "General Settings" would be easiest for translators, dropping the "Settings" would be less to read for the user. If some context info is provided for translators, dropping the "Settings" bits will be fine.
  9. Title Case for buttons is common practice. So, +1 for "Translate the Game"
  10. The bar is still there, it just that the background of the tabs has virtually the same color as the header.
  11. Since the latest forum update, I find it hardy to read the breadcrumb links. Pastel on a shaded background just does not work. Not having any pastel writing at all would be even better. Is it possible to fix that without it being lots of work?
  12. Autocorrect strikes again? If it isn't too much work and won't violate historical accuracy, it could make sense though to give one of them only Doric and the other only Ionic columns to make them more recognizable in the game: Internal visual cohesion of the faction Visual differentiation between the factions
  13. Uploading the files once in a while also has the added benefit of providing another backup of your work - just in case
  14. https://wiki.libsdl.org/SDL_DisplayMode Of course, it depends on the info provided by the display driver/OS.
  15. I'm against removing the swastika, but maybe we should make the dots more prominent so people will notice that it's the Hindu symbol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika
  16. Maybe we could have some official Transifex projects for them too, to be vetted/run by the council of modders?
  17. Another topic on the subject with some ideas in it:
  18. É o IP do computador que serve como hospedeiro/servidor.
  19. Transifex managed to fix the bug where translators couldn't change strings offline. So, you can now all go back to translating as usual
  20. No, not really. @Gallaecio implemented the i18n for 0A.D. One would need to create separate PO file(s) for the mod and load the textdomain(s) accordingly - no idea if the engine supports that.
  21. How about letting the user convert a wall to a turret it it's missing?
  22. There is a difference between being able to play the game and being able to play it well. Unless you do a lot of balancing/gameplay design etc, it doesn't matter it the sandbox AI pwns you as long as you understand how everything works
  23. *dangles carrot in front of drphill's nose* Come on, you know you want to
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