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  1. If you're playing Wondiws against Linux, you should also make sure that hey are both on the same network (in a common setup, the first 3 blocks of numbers in your IP addresses need to be identical, and the last block different from each other)
  2. Maybe heroes could have some sort of Tyrian purple halo behind them? This would keep the uniform signal to the player that it's a hero, while leaving more freedom for designing the hero's appearance.
  3. Congratulations on getting this to 100%! Since the others aren't around a lot any more, feel free to make the terminology consistent and pick the best terms yourself - maybe message the 1 remaining contributor first, so you can coordinate your work.
  4. For the native names I just copy source to target and that's it. Of course, I have it easier, because my language uses the Latin alphabet.
  5. You were not quite good enough yet when you first started posting, but your talent was very obvious to me, and your diligence had you improving very fast! I guess we should have told you that more often.
  6. Fair Use is a concept of US American copyright law and does not apply in other countries, unless they have such a law too.
  7. And this is the portraits thread:
  8. I don't know, I guess you'll just have to test this. I'm not on the programming team here.
  9. I expect that the name is transliterated rather than translated, so it's the original Latin represented by Cyrillic letters.
  10. The /say has to remain at the start of the string. That's a standard taken from IRC which puts commands at the start of a post only.
  11. I think that was done on purpose to make the AI sound less mechanical.
  12. Whatever sounds better in your language. Seems like 0AD can handle the absence of the variable in one of the forms (which BTW is not common), otherwise the original English test would not work. The "other" form definitely needs to have it.
  13. Yep, that would be good. At the moment, we have Old Irish for the Britons, which is not correct, but the best that could be done at the time.
  14. Absolutely leave them empty - the game will fall back to the original English when something hasn't been translated. If you just copy/paste the English text, it will be harder for you to find them later when you do want to translate them.
  15. I would start with engine, misc. gui. mod selector and the lobby, then move over to the unit-related stuff. Game Setup Gui is also important, just skip all the quotes and proverbs. For the rest, start with the short strings and skip the long explanations for now - you can return to them later.
  16. I was just thinking for military in-game because they're gibber. Or for the merchant, and use the coracle name for the fishing boat? I have no issue with the word for the merchant anyway - I'm not familiar with the word at all, but then I don't speak ancient languages. Sounds plausible. Yep. Combine it with the word for? That would be in the letter p somewhere, since you said that Gallic is p-Celtic.
  17. Regarding the name for the fishing boat, the modern derivatives of "longos" mean "ship" both in Welsh and Goidelic, so that word might be more fitting to a bigger, military vessel? Modern Gaelic for a fishing boat would be "eathar", Welsh is cwch pysgota - cwch would be the descendant of the curoca. "pysg" is the "fish" bit in the second word. Maybe your Gallic dictionary has something along those lines in it? Insular Celtic also has bát and Welsh has bad for boat.
  18. You are mistaken with the categorization as P-Celtic. Irish, Scottish and Manx Gaelic are Goidelic languages and as such Q-Celtic. Welsh, Cornish and Breton are Brythonic/p-Celtic. As an example, "5" is "còig" in Goidelic and "pemp" in Brythonic. Both Goidelic and Brythonic are insular Celtic, which is a different branch from Gallic. I don't know much else about Gallic though.
  19. ASAN is lots faster than Valgrind, so it should be doable - it will slow down the program by a factor of ~2, so that's not bad at all.
  20. The Basque language is a lot older than the 19th century... so maybe the 19th century is when some form of standardization happened, which is not uncommon for European languages. So, that the modern language has been standardized is not a valid argument - so has Catalan, and this argument would equally disqualify it as a choice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_language#History_and_classification Of course, the language to be used would have to be a historical version of Basque, rather than the modern one. The same would go for Catalan - which would then have to be something very
  21. YouTube versions not the best quality, but one of the best fan movies ever... Battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsnu43bjPLg Full movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4bka9Y2gJ0
  22. I think you should stick to the first naming convention in all cases - somebody might come along in the future and add a second variant, and then you'd have to rename death_horse_1_3.ogg to death_horse1_1_3. We should also consider death_horse_1_1_3.ogg as a convention - it adds 1 more character to the filename, but I think the number would be easier to see. Great to see somebody working on sounds!
  23. This is what the building menu looks like in Widelands - please feel free to steal Yellow numbers are Owned/Under Construction. Bottom numbers are productivity for economy buildings and stationed soldiers for military buildings.
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