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  1. I had to install net-tools but I now have my broadcast ip adress, so that should help. I'll do a STUN test this evening. Thanks everyone. Really cool game by the way, well done!
  2. thanks for that stanislas, I'll have a go later and let you know how I get on. I'd still like to know of my port 20595 settings are good if anyone can help me with that too.
  3. He's just been playing against a friend through the lobby, would it be the firewall? I'm pretty sure that has been off anyway for a couple of years now.
  4. We've both tried using our actual IP address and still get the port 20595 message, so I think it will be worth opening the 20595 port. I'm lubuntu, my son windows XP, what do we need to do?
  5. When i host a game out of the lobby, I'm pressing "multi-player" then "host game", I then get the options of choosing game name and server (set to 20595 edit), the match set up screen then opens. when my son tries to join, a multiplayer game outside the lobby he gets a dialogue box with my game name, server hostname or IP (that is set at 20595, thinking I might need to change that to my/our IP adress?) then server port 20595. my son just tried changing the server hostname or IP to my addy, and getting the same message re 20595 port.
  6. Yes, tried that both ways, gives the 20595 port needs to be open, but they both must be as we can both join and host games in the lobby. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, what is the process to host and join outside the lobby?
  7. Hello all, I'm trying to host a game to play 1 v 1 against my son with zero success. We can both join someone else's games in the lobby and other players can join games we host (independently) in the lobby; he can't join my private hosted games and I can't join his. We're using the same IP, but according to another thread this shouldn't make a difference. Any ideas? cheers in advance, jnr lg
  8. Working again now, thank you all for your input.
  9. Ha, it could be the multi issue! He couldn't register an account from his laptop, but he can play on it, so I registered his account on my pc. Should I post in the help forum, or will a mod be along soon?
  10. i don't know what games he joined, we're both new to the game and site, all i know for sure is he joined two games and left them in a hurry, then couldn't enter the game lobby. Will he have a game record? I looked for my profile after having played one game yesterday (roundly thrashed) and there is no record of it. How will he be able to give the points to the winner? Should this be in the help section? thanks jnr lg
  11. Hello everyone, I'm taking the liberty to apologise for my son's behavior in a couple of games he joined yesterday. He has obviously broken the terms of use by quitting the games (at my insistance as he wasn't allowed) and he is now devastated. I will make sure he reads (properly this time) the terms of use and make sure it never happens again. Once again, I'm sorry, especially to the other players involved. jnr lg
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