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  1. Sound Cool!! does Alpha 24 plan shows FOSDEM, in Brussels too??
  2. which 0.a.d folder should i put it to see??
  3. @borg- i Confirm Expansion mod 1.0.2 version doesn't display this beautiful kushites concept illust. i love this beautiful illust but it seems update is hard...
  4. im keep translating 0.a.d objects like building and unit's but i saw korean translater just like me didn't translate origin names like Agorá, Khalkeṓn, Bibliothḗkē. but translate some english words for explain like Civic Center, Dock, Sentry Tower, Wall to 시청, 항구, 방어탑, 벽 but i wonder to play 0.a.d as korean language shouid translate words wrriten in ancient greece and Latin alphabets Shouid i translate those words that written in ancient greece and Latin alphabets to complete korean language mod??
  5. i saw your kushtes illust at the @borg-'s Expansion mod!! it was so beautiful!! i like it!! :)


  6. and i wonder who drawing this beautiful background art!! it's so beautiful!! one of 0.a.d art team drawing this??
  7. still yet downloadable at 0.a.d download list??
  8. it's like an black people...like an nubian... im not good at ptolemic egypt's history but it's citizen class was nubians??
  9. any plan to make AI can build a wall in another version of alpha 24~N? how about AI can build a wall on their edge of territory. well, im not very good at programming but i wish to see AI build a wall just like an iberians start or around it's Fortress/ Civic Center.
  10. the persian woman citizen's voice too?? im sorry but are u male or female?? and every single persian unit's voice is different or same??
  11. im glad to hear language transrate has been completed! does Farsi (persian civ units) Voice has been recorded by you?? i cannot wait to hear the persian units voice!! actually 0.a.d's unit voice is all same you know X) (exept Romans)
  12. i found about some country's fan of 0.a.d transrate the game. and i saw a chinese, japanese languages mod at the mod selection screen, im transrating this game as korean lenguages for 1 month but i have some question. if i transrate this game 100% or 80% less i can choose and play korean lenguages at the 'select lenguages' or i can download at the mod selection screen?? someone tell the lenguage transrate and apply transrated languages plan to me?
  13. umm...Ottoman truk?? swords against gunpowder??
  14. 32,308.40 dollar...is this good for keep development of 0.a.d??
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