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  1. And now I have the soldiers done as well.
  2. I decided to go ahead and create new, reddish mahogany-brown skins for the native Egyptian units since I didn't want them to be confused for their Kushite analogs. Here are some re-re-skinned Egyptian ladies. Now, onto the soldiers!
  3. I only changed the ethnically native Egyptian units though. The Greek, Arab, Celtic, etc. units have not been changed. I admit though, if I were aiming for greater realism (and to differentiate my re-skinned Egyptians better from the Kushite units), I'd give them a reddish mahogany-brown color like you see in most ancient Egyptian art. But that would require a lot of time-consuming texture-editing, so instead I went for simple texture swaps in the .xml files.
  4. I'm using the Kushite textures and meshes for this re-skin simply out of convenience. They are supposed to represent indigenous Northeast Africans like the original Egyptians. Anyway, here's a screenshot of my next step in the process. I finally got the Egyptian pikemen to look the way I want them to.
  5. I'm working on a simple re-skin mod that will give the Ptolemaic faction's native Egyptian units (such as the female citizen and the Egyptian pikeman) darker skin tones through mesh-swapping. As of this morning, I've managed to get the female citizen's re-skin working, but not the re-skin for the pikemen, and I need to change the unit icons as well.
  6. You know, I'd love to contribute concept art to this proposal of yours. And I am flattered by your coloring my old artwork!
  7. Nice art and research you've shared! I totally support introducing the kingdom of Kush into 0 AD. I'd even go so far as to say it should be added to the base game. BTW I am the artist of a couple of the pictures you shared on the last page, and I'm thankful for the attention. Here are a handful of more recent images of Kushites I've produced:
  8. I see, but let me look over it and make some revisions. Afterward, you have my permission to use it.
  9. OK, would you like me to write a .doc profile if someone else hasn't done it already?
  10. I notice that a lot of the "concept art" for the Egyptian units uses reconstructions by modern-day artists. Why not look at how the real ancient Egyptians depicted their own soldiers during the time period in question? Attached are authentic Egyptian images of their own soldiers. In contrast to some of the reconstructions posted earlier, these tend not to wear much protective armor; most of them simply have loincloths and cowhide shields. Also note their dark cocoa-brown skin colors.
  11. Mostly Old to New Kingdom, but the elephant was actually inspired by the possible Meroitic Nubian use of them.
  12. http://jabrosky.deviantart.com/gallery/32690743 This is my latest artistic project. I'll be drawing military units from a number of ancient civilization such as Egypt, Persia, and China. As of now I have the Egyptians covered and will be doing the Persians next. The Egyptians As a general rule, Egyptian soldiers are cheap and swift, as they have little body armor to burden them, and they maintain morale better under hot conditions. However, this same lack of armor makes them vulnerable to any enemies they can't outrun or outmaneuver. Peasant: The cheapest and most disposable of the Egyptian
  13. @ asmartgoat I'm glad that you're interested in making the mod I proposed, but unfortunately I have no actual modding skills. The most I could do is draw some concept art, and I'm not even good at that.
  14. Well, looking at the official Design Docs for the other civs, ethnic names seem to be in, so I chose an ethnic name for my Egyptian priest.
  15. I for one think the cartoony graphics look rather cute. They wouldn't work for a serious Age sequel, but since this appears to be an MMO rather than a whole game, I don't mind.
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