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  1. Next up is Southern China, a tropical biome similar to India, but with more bamboo. southchina.json
  2. Northern China, a temperate biome with cherry blossoms and bamboo. northchina.json northchina.js
  3. In this thread, I'd like to share some custom biomes I made for the random map generator. I would also appreciate suggestions for future biomes. The first is "Congo", a tropical biome with African wildlife (including forest elephants). The second is "Maghrebi Coast", representing the Mediterranean coast of northwestern Africa. maghreb.json maghreb.js congo.json congo.js
  4. What exactly does the Ice House do before you research that tech?
  5. I picked it because it looked cool.
  6. So here's how a Nok warrior of "elite" status could look like. I did the art myself.
  7. I've returned to playing 0 AD over the past week, and while I see a lot of potential in the game, right now I'm struggling to get the hang of it. The problem is the whole "citizen soldier" mechanic in which your military units gather most of the resources and build everything as well as the fighting. It sounds like a unique mechanic setting it apart from other RTS games on paper, but in practice, it means that my soldiers are often too preoccupied with gathering to readily defend the base whenever the enemy shows up. This wouldn't be so bad if they automatically stopped gathering to attack the enemy on sight, but they don't seem to do that, so I have to manually order them to stop gathering in order to defend my settlement. It's a pain in the ass for me, as is having put almost my whole economy on hold whenever I want to attack the enemy settlement in turn. I know there are specialized female gathering units for each civilization, but they're most proficient at harvesting fruit and grain and less so with the other resources, so it doesn't seem that the game wants you to delegate all your gathering to the female citizens while letting the soldiers stick to guarding and fighting. What are some strategies that will help me better balance the economic and military aspects of the game using these citizen soldiers?
  8. Not sure it would lead to lag any more than maps that already have predators are prone to lag.
  9. Thanks, @andy5995 Speaking of biomes, I'm trying my hand at creating new ones for the random map generator. This one is for a "Congo" biome that is tropical like the India biome, but with African instead of Asian wildlife.
  10. I would be like to be able to pick the biome for random maps I generate in the scenario editor. It seems that, unless the biome is already pre-specified for the map, all of the maps I generate have a temperate or alpine biome, which I presume is the default. Maybe this could be implemented in the next update or so?
  11. I revised my list by promoting a couple of units to Champion status as well as adding a few heroes and mercenary units. UPDATE 2: Also added a Wonder and bonus building for the Nok.
  12. Anyway, a list of possible units and buildings for the Nok, not necessarily complete (all names taken from the Yoruba language of Nigeria): STANDARD UNITS Obinrin: Female citizen. Onisowo: Trader. Babalawo: Healer/priest. Okunrin Oko: Melee infantry armed with spear and rectangular ox-hide shield. Onigbowo: Ranged infantry that throws triple-barbed javelins. Obe Jiju: Infantry that fights with a forked knife, both in melee and ranged modes. Ologbo: Champion infantry armed with an ida sword. Tafatafa Elesin: Light cavalry armed with a bow and arrow. Kondo Elesin: Heavy cavalry armed with a cudgel or club. Eso: Champion cavalry armed with a thrusting lance. Garamantian Chariot: A mercenary unit from the central Sahara that is a charioteer throwing javelins. Fon Gbeto: A mercenary unit from the West African coast that is a female archer shooting poisoned arrows. Ipeja Oko: Fishing canoe. Oko Isowo: Trading canoe. Oko Ogun: Warship. Idoti Agbo: Handheld battering ram. Heroes Shango: Based on a Yoruba chieftain turned deity, Shango fights with a throwing axe. Oduduwa: This hero wears a suit of iron armor and fights with a long thrusting spear. Oma Idoko: A hero who shoots poisoned arrows from horseback. Buildings Aafin: Civic Center. Trains Obinrin, Okunrin Oko, Onigbowo, and Tafatafa Esin. Ile: Thatched-roof wattle-and-daub house. Oko Oko: Farmstead. Ile Itaja: Storehouse. Igbelera: Dock. Trains Ipeja Oko, Oko Isowo, and Oko Ogun. Ahere Ogun: Barracks. Trains Okunrin Oko, Onigbowo, and Ologbo. Durosinsin: Stable. Trains Tafatafa Esin and Eso. Ile Iso: Outpost. Tafatafa Eso: Sentry Tower. Ile Iso Okuta: Stone Tower. Ayederu: Forge. Ile Olorun: Temple. Trains Babalawo. Oja: Marketplace. Trains Onisowo. Ile Idoti: Arsenal. Trains Idoti Agbo. Onigi Odi: Palisade. Okuta Odi: Larger wall made of earth, similar to the Walls of Benin. Odi: Fortress where you can train heroes. Sacred Grove: A special building for the Nok, this is a grove of trees that can be cut down for wood. Once one tree gets cut down, another will slowly grow back in its place. Royal Spire Pavilion: The Nok wonder, inspired by the one built by the later kingdom of Benin.
  13. Are there any examples I can look at to see how those are built?
  14. Thanks. I dunno if I have enough time in my life to make the mod all by myself. Plus, all I could really do is make concept art and maybe outline how the faction plays. I know a little Blender, but I'm far from being proficient at it. I would look at the warfare of more recent coastal West African kingdoms (e.g. the Yoruba, Ibo, Benin, Dahomey, Asante, etc.) for inspiration there.
  15. Since we have three North African civilizations (Ptolemies, Carthaginians, and Kushites) already, I thought that one located entirely south of the Sahara would be welcome as well. So I am going to suggest the Nok culture that thrived in the area of Nigeria between 900 BC to 200 AD. There's not a lot we know about them, especially since they don't seem to have used a written script, but they have left behind numerous sculptures attesting to an artistic tradition that would influence those of later West African kingdoms. Nok Culture on the World History Encyclopedia Some choice Nok sculptures: I don't think we know for sure what language the Nok people spoke, but I would use Yoruba or Ibo vocabulary for unit and building names since those are some of the cultures influenced by the Nok culture. Below are some images showing what these cultures looked like in more recent periods: Yoruba palace compound (I think) Yoruba house Ibo house Ibo warriors with armor Ibo warriors with spears and shields In addition, as part of this larger representation of West Africa, African rainforest animals could be added to the game. Game could include the bongo, guinea-fowl, okapi, gorilla, and forest elephants (which I believe are already in the game), whereas leopards and chimpanzees would be predators. Bongo Guinea-fowl Okapi Gorilla Leopard Chimpanzee
  16. I've noticed that a lot of the randomly generated maps don't have enough wildlife myself. And these maps never seem to have predators lurking about. It makes the wilderness feel empty and barren IMO.
  17. So are there plans to introduce any new civilizations in Alpha 27? I know 26 is going to add the Han Dynasty. I think a Germanic or Mesoamerican civilization would be welcome, personally.
  18. I had to use Google Translate since no habo espanol, but thanks for letting me know.
  19. I'm trying out the Maya Preclassic mod. Very impressive so far, but I noticed that, when I load the Peten and Tropical River maps, I see a little error message at the top of the screen saying "could not load biome file generic/tropic". Think the JavaScript files for those maps need a little editing. Also, the tapirs have no animations!
  20. So I got a new gaming computer (an Alienware Aurora r13) last Christmas, and while I love it in general, it seems to have a problem running 0 AD. I keep getting this error message. What could be the issue here? Much to our regret we must report the program has encountered an error. Please let us know at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ and attach the crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp files. You may find paths to these files at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Details: unhandled exception (std::out_of_range("invalid bitset<N> position")) Location: unknown:0 (RtlGetFullPathName_UEx) Call stack: (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = 0 (no error code was set) ==================================== SVN Revision: 25860 Engine Version: 0.0.25 System info: (unavailable) ==================================== Main log: (unavailable) ==================================== crashlog.dmp crashlog.txt
  21. And now I have the soldiers done as well.
  22. I decided to go ahead and create new, reddish mahogany-brown skins for the native Egyptian units since I didn't want them to be confused for their Kushite analogs. Here are some re-re-skinned Egyptian ladies. Now, onto the soldiers!
  23. I only changed the ethnically native Egyptian units though. The Greek, Arab, Celtic, etc. units have not been changed. I admit though, if I were aiming for greater realism (and to differentiate my re-skinned Egyptians better from the Kushite units), I'd give them a reddish mahogany-brown color like you see in most ancient Egyptian art. But that would require a lot of time-consuming texture-editing, so instead I went for simple texture swaps in the .xml files.
  24. I'm using the Kushite textures and meshes for this re-skin simply out of convenience. They are supposed to represent indigenous Northeast Africans like the original Egyptians. Anyway, here's a screenshot of my next step in the process. I finally got the Egyptian pikemen to look the way I want them to.
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