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  1. Yep. Basically, everybody who posted to these threads would need to agree to publish them.
  2. Since LordGood has been working on trees, Xylem would fit very nicely
  3. It was originally a French word used in the sense of "editing" and is being used as a euphemism for "censoring" among English speakers. Long live the doublespeak In German, we call a newspaper editor a "Redakteur" too. /end
  4. We have a tool at Widelands that might be helpful: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~widelands-dev/widelands/trunk/view/head:/utils/optimize_pngs.py
  5. Hang on in there - your family comes first.
  6. For the duplicate function, resize and fill from the standard library should do the trick too - of course, with a copy instead of a reference. http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/vector/vector/resize/ http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/algorithm/fill/
  7. That's easily fixed: http://www.igaidhlig.net/en/category/accented-letters/
  8. Wesnoth has a versioned dependency system for mods, maybe something similar could be done here? i.e. there could be a 0AD mod that is a wrapper for all the mods that you split public into.
  9. You should be able to drop your translation files into your installation without reinstalling them. Make sure to export them as .mo first. If any entries are missing, Gettext will simply display the English text, so it won't cause any problems.
  10. poll is Gaelic for mud, as in "as clear as..."
  11. A custom dialog field sound good - it's a very flexible solution. The hoster might want to state some rules that we haven't thought of yet.
  12. You don't need to record anything to prove that your Greek is better than mine - as I have said already, I don't speak Greek and wouldn't be able to pronounce anything without pronunciation notes anyway, even if I had decent recording equipment. I never questioned your competence in the matter. How on earth did we get from "Here's a useful notation tool that I'd strongly recommend using" to "we have to prove who's Greek is better"?
  13. @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates As I said in the other thread, this is a misunderstanding. I never meant to question your expertise in Ancient Greek at all, and I am sorry that you understood it that way. All I wanted to do over there is to point out that the IPA is a very useful tool that's far superior to any attempt at describing sounds that don't exist in the English language using English spelling. I believe that trying to do so would be a waste of your very valuable time. Your expertise is very much appreciated and recognized. All I wanted was to point you to a tool that will make it ea
  14. @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates I have never claimed that any Greek letters were pronounced a certain way - I only wanted to point out that trying to describe them accurately using English spelling is extremely hard, while describing them with IPA is fairly easy. "between close-mid [o] and open-mid [ɔ]" is a very good description that one who is not an expert at Ancient Greek can work with. I am certainly not going to argue about which pronunciation is correct, since I don't speak the language. I used @Nescio's examples to make my point about using the IPA and not to state which one of you is more
  15. This is exactly why I am pushing for the use of the IPA. Your first sentence could have been replaced by 1 simple IPA symbol. You obviously care very much about the rigor regarding the transcription into Latin letters - the same sort of rigor could be applied here with the help of the IPA. It's a great tool once you get used to it. And no, I can't record a sentence right now, because I don't speak Greek at all. Since I speak multiple languages and have quite a lot of phonemes practiced, I could record a sentence though and probably make a fairly decent job of it if I had an IPA transcript
  16. According to what Nescio wrote, this is wrong though. I interpret your hint as [oː], but that's the pronunciation of ου according to Nescio. In any case, it's not the pronunciation of ω, which is is [ɔː]. English descriptions furthermore depend on the dialect of English spoken. I often see pronunciation hints for [ε] as "ay" which makes my toenails curl, because that suggests [εj], which is wrong. "e" as in "send" would be a better description, but not for people from down under and Kiwis, because they will pronounce it as [e] if I'm not mistaken. tl;dr be really, really careful with "Eng
  17. Thank you for your expertise! Can you add IPA to pronunciation notes like these? This way, it will be clear which sounds are actually meant rather than substituting to sounds of modern languages that are somewhat similar but not the same really. It would enable people who do no know these languages the chance of doing recordings. For example, from your description, omikron looks like [oː] (a long vowel) and omega looks like [ow] (a diphthong), is this correct?
  18. SuperTuxKart has the art assets on SVN and the code on Git. Maybe something like this would be workable here too?
  19. I don't speak Greek, but visually, ę would look better than ē because ḗ is hard to read. Just my 2 cents from the sidelines
  20. You could transliterate them though if Korean has the option of an alphabetic script, in case it's easier for your community to read.
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