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  1. Yep! 2003-2004 I believe. The engine was also used in an earlier game, Celtic Kings, and a later game which never received a US/English language launch. It seems Haemimont was very interested in tweaking the way the game worked internally, so each game plays rather differently according to the reviews I've read. The minimap is great with the abstraction of the dots. You can see unit flows easily and clicking somewhere on the map drops you out so you can see what it is. Edit: I think the mechanic of the fullscreen mini-map might have been borrowed from the Tactical (?) view in H
  2. A rather old RTS and not so easy to run these days, but Nemesis of the Roman Empire, also known as Celtic Kings: The Punic Wars ("TPW"), by Haemimont Games (still around) was one of my favorite games growing up! It's not the most historically accurate in retrospect (mixing Imperial and Republican Roman eras), but still a lot of fun. Came out around 2004 I believe, or around 0 A.D.'s early days. I put together a rather mediocre playthrough with commentary (haven't played in nearly a decade so excuse my rust and poor placement on map!): Interestingly it has both a time period over
  3. I like this suggestion of 'tracer' lines, it was done to great effect in AoE III and many other games. It would be helpful so long as it is not too difficult or graphically expensive. Arrows and javs do have impact sounds, I do not know why they might not be working for you; maybe they are just too quiet. Right now it is just a single dirt impact sound because detection of material impacted is not yet possible and that is the 'safest' sound to use (material-dependent impact is in progress, hopefully for a25). Edit: regarding the bars showing progress of construction, etc. for a buildin
  4. Just move it out of the subfolder after extracting? Layout should be: (mods} dan-shaders shaders glsl fs & vs files mod.json
  5. Generally I do this kind of folder setup by making a temporary 'staging' folder somewhere and then replicate the folder structure and copy in my files. Once this is done, you can install this as a mod into your own copy of 0 A.D. and instead of directly modifying game assets, you just modify your 'mod' files instead. If you need to add more files to the scope of the mod, just copy them out of the game files and into your mod and modify there. This is very useful for sound stuff at least, where I can A/B test new and old sounds by disabling the mod, no need to uncomment lines or even
  6. Yes, the issue with languages is primarily that not many people are willing to record the voice over lines, and some languages do not yet even have proper translations. Here is the list of voice actor lines: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Audio_Voice_List There is also an old list on the forum and much discussion about which words to use: People contributing translations or voice over lines is most welcome. Even if the voice recording quality is poor, it can still be used to show people who have a better recording setup how to pronounce the lines correctly. Howev
  7. It's going to sound a lot less dense because the original sounds used lower-fidelity recordings that were centered heavily in mid frequencies. The new sounds were recorded from scratch using professional equipment and so make use of a larger range of human hearing. By definition, it is going to sound less dense. Compromises between authenticity and convenience are important. In the bronze age, sword-on-sword combat was not technically possible due to how poorly bronze holds an edge (it would quickly dull or damage the blade to strike them against metal), so the 'shing' cutting sound is to
  8. Yes, we're still working on balancing sounds after we fixed some big bugs in the way sounds were being used that resulted in all of the sounds no longer being balanced. Expect more in the SoundsMod github project and of course a25. Unit selection and confirmation sounds have not been adjusted at all since a23, only really gather and combat sounds.
  9. Sound attenuates with distance like real life. The further you zoom out, the quieter things become. Pre-A24 this was not done; 0 A.D. behaved like a 2D game, with all sounds of equal loudness no matter where they were on the screen. This was a basic flaw with 0 A.D. which meant that at far zoom, people mining on the other side of the map would be audible at 100% volume. Not only was this acoustically completely wrong, it caused sound to be extremely cluttered, with a sheer overload of equally loud sounds. You hear mining, but is it the miners right in front of you, or the miners on the othe
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! This is something I'd like to see too; there are already some existing concessions for off-screen sounds, but they're pretty limited (essentially just, things that sound in the ~200px to the horizontal sides of the screen get played a little quieter). The sound engine we're using is extremely limited: no reverb, no filters, no equalization, no effects of any kind, so everything would need to be done with sound groups and some hackery. All we can do is pretty much play sounds at different volumes and pitches (speeds), at a particular spot on the screen. So, to im
  11. Just a few thoughts (been following this conversation with interest!)- The modern, end-user-friendly solution for something like you're describing might a game install/update service like Steam or GOG Galaxy. There are many work-in-progress commercial games (M&B II: Bannerlord comes to mind) which pursue a highly-active (near daily) update schedule on such services for their Beta branch, while preserving a monthly 'Main' branch for players seeking a less buggy and more consistent experience; both separate from their internal development branches of course. Granted, we're talking about pr
  12. It is the real sound of me cutting a log with an axe actually! It could be deeper and maybe more rotten/cracking sounding, as I was not able to find a very big log, instead using a modest log. I might try again later this year with a large tree branch or a proper tree if I can find one that needs to come down or if a storm blows one down. My thought with stone is to make it more 'flaky' and ring less, so it is more distinct from metal. More like a sandstone/sedimentary rock than the moderately hard rock sound in the game right now. The metal isn't realistic (metals usually appear only
  13. Thanks for your thoughts! Each sound uses both random pitch shifting AND a range of up to 10 randomly chosen variants, each constructed from a combination of unique audio components. I recorded all of the source materials myself, as it is much simpler and faster than digging through CC sounds (and less legal hassle). I've been designing sounds for games (and sample libraries) since 2010 so I have a pretty substantial library of custom recordings I have done to speed this up. For example, here are all the variants of the weapon attack + impact combo sounds (which we are using right now
  14. I think it'd always be great to have more folks helping out with sounds. I'm happy to cover the more instrumental stuff (notifications, alarms, etc.), but given the current situation recording foley or more animal sounds or the like is quite difficult. Generally 0 A.D. uses mostly organic sounds (i.e. recorded things) rather than synthesized sounds. There are lots of great open sources of free recorded audio online, such as freesound.org, but I'd always encourage trying to record sounds originally for the project whenever possible.
  15. What about these for the town bell? I don't think it really needs that horn thing in there, but I could add one if needed... TubBells.zip
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