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  1. I think it'd always be great to have more folks helping out with sounds. I'm happy to cover the more instrumental stuff (notifications, alarms, etc.), but given the current situation recording foley or more animal sounds or the like is quite difficult. Generally 0 A.D. uses mostly organic sounds (i.e. recorded things) rather than synthesized sounds. There are lots of great open sources of free recorded audio online, such as freesound.org, but I'd always encourage trying to record sounds originally for the project whenever possible.
  2. What about these for the town bell? I don't think it really needs that horn thing in there, but I could add one if needed... TubBells.zip
  3. Certainly. What are you thinking, maybe a drum or bell? I have time to continue revising.
  4. Here are some new options for attack notification sounds. They're similar to the existing sound, but a bit more distinct and much higher fidelity. AttackAlertAlternatives.zip
  5. Here are some cow vocalizations I recorded for the project. I also have some general eating and walking sounds which I can prepare if needed. CowCalls.zip
  6. Yes, I can look into this, though it might be more effective to seek a source, e.g. on Freesound, as destruction foley sound can be... well, expensive.
  7. Detailed overview of the cultural and political interchange around ancient Nubia, and recent archaeological discoveries. Presented by Stuart Tyson Smith, UC Santa Barbara at the Oriental Institute.
  8. Ita vero, but that is something for translation, not a matter for a master list. For example, translating 'Yes?' into Latin might read more literally as "What is it?" (Quid est?). They have the same connotation/contextual meaning in language, but are localized to fit in the grammar and culture of each language. All good translations are not just simple word-for-word swaps, but rather translate the meaning behind the words above the actual text. Regardless, my main issue with the proposed restructuring is that it infers we will be specifically hiring or casting people for specific roles. I
  9. This list is a good idea, but I do not know how practical it is. Remember that there is no promise we can get different voice actors for each type of unit. People will probably continue to show up, record a bunch of lines, then leave. It's not like we have a chance to "audition" people for certain voice characteristics- whatever people choose to give to the project is what we have to work with for voices. Also keep in mind that there are many different replies currently used when a unit is selected, such as- Hello My Lord/King/Liege Yes? What is it? Simila
  10. Currently on vacation recording some waves & ambiances. Still haven't had time to finish processing the horse, cow, and chicken sounds, but I should be able to work on those before the end of the year and into January.
  11. The explicit list of sounds for when you click on a unit can be found in '\audio\voice\[language]\civ\civ_[gender]_select.xml'- Latin: <Sound>civ_female_what_is_it_1.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_female_hello_1.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_male_what_is_it_1.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_male_hello_1.ogg</Sound> Greek: <Sound>civ_female_what_is_it_1.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_female_what_is_it_2.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_female_what_is_it_3.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_female_my_lord_1.ogg</Sound> <Sound>civ_fem
  12. In the future, it is easier to just open the .xml files and see which <sound> files are listed. The game 'asks' the .xml files which sounds to play, so that will show you what is used where. Whether or not the .xml file is actually 'asked' by the game or not is a whole different issue of implementation that needs the input of designers/programmers to resolve, which we should address as well. Due to the haphazard nature of open development, some people don't provide all of the translations or sounds (after all, when many of these translations or recordings were provided, it is very
  13. Here are the finished files. I also re-processed some of the Greek and Latin voices to remove noise, normalize, and improve the tone a little, so all the languages should be a little more consistent with each other. These belong in the 'audio' folder within a folder called 'voice'. If you want a really quick and dirty way to try out the Persian voices, replace the Latin or Greek .ogg files with the Persian .ogg files, they should overwrite. However, there are a number of lines not used by one language compared to the other, so the result will be messy. If someone wants to go ahead an
  14. I'll do the edits to the voice files now- rename and batch convert so they match the existing voices. Give me 1-2 hours.
  15. Sure, I'll take care of it when I get the chance.
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