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  1. Yes, someone is having difficulty with the translation app. Could someone more knowledgeable respond to OsIseal in the this thread?
  2. I see Irish is not reqired, but maybe I can help with Greek in the future.
  3. Thank you Hidan & Angen. I like this explanation since it means I am not so bad at this game
  4. Can I submit a single sample in English here first to make sure you are happy with the sound quality? Then I can look into Irish and possibly Greek recordings
  5. Yeah, it would be easier for me to share the link to Transifex with them. I just don't expect as much participation that way. I'll share the link around and see what kind of uptake there is :)
  6. Is it okay if I copy the untranslated words to a public spreadsheet? I'd like to encourage drive-by translators that way (who don't have accounts here) if possible and then copy the results across. Áthas atá orm a dhéanamh!
  7. I notice that I find workers just standing in the field not doing anything. Is there a limit to how many can be active or is it a bug? I don't see anything about this in the manual. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Buildings Also, I get very badly beaten every time I play 0ad (the Acropolis level). I try to create population and gather resources as quickly as possible. I try to build a barracks as soon as possible to make the population quality fighters. Are there any tips for this scenario? Thanks!
  8. I might be able to find some native speakers. But, I get a 403 for that link. I'm sure it was working when you posted, apologies for the delay.
  9. @Dade another option could be to ask the Ubuntu community in your area if they can help.
  10. Lion, ltms, thank you so much! Glad to hear you plan to use a more original Celtic language. From Lion.Kanzen's link I see "Celts – Cyrmic – Basically Welsh, this is one of the only remaining Celtic tongues on the planet." and "Civilisations that do not need guides * Celts - kor.". If the issue is identifying the correct/most authentic language, I can talk to some academics about verifying authentic ancient Celtic. The native Irish speakers could possibly voice it then with direction. I could have several people do it to give you options. My sister worked with translators for some time so I will ask if she knows a few people that could give answers. As for Greek, the plan is to visit there some time in mid-to-late 2017 and I can bring my microphone. I'll update the thread when I know the date No pressure though, if you have a plan already then great. Keep up the great work!
  11. Hi, I'm currently surrounded by Irish speakers (while I have a child in an Irish speaking school and know some of the teachers a little). I also have friends in Greece (including language teachers) and other countries. I worked as a musician/singer for ten years and have sold most recording equipment, but I have a Zoom H5 and good recording/editing software. Let me know if I can help with voices.
  12. I'm confused about the performance/multiprocessor issue. Before multiprocessors were available there were games like this that ran fine on the one available processor right? Is 0AD doomed because it doesn't use the other cores? On the same subject - I have a dual core system that I've installed a 64-bit OS on (Ubuntu). Will that help 0AD in the sense that it will make both cores available through the operating system as a single 64-bit processor?
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