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Toxicity report

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Shaved_below frequently insults others, especially Kampot. Today I've had enough of him and I have decided to report him.


He asked everyone in another game to boycott kampot's host and I joined Kampot nevertheless. He has been proclaiming to be 'the most toxic person' in reza-math's server and has said more unfriendly things there but I won't post them here. 

Shaved_below is the smurf account of Shyft_Sierra; he also made another account called puddle_of_sperm. 

@go2die @user1



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We can add a button which allows the user to access the forum and the offence reporting thread in just one click. Furthermore we should advertise the existence of a forum using a larger banner in game. On the public mods, the pregame page is dominated by a background. I propose placing the buttons and important information at the centre to grab attention, much like the Minecraft interface. 


let forum and report button be one of these main buttons. This will be more convenient for such  offence reportings. 

I was also aware of the existence of a discord bot which transports 0ad lobby messages into a discord server. Perhaps we can employ this bot  in more servers, and add an auto alert function: if the bot detects toxic comments, it will alert the moderators through discord. Perhaps this will be a better method. 

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26 minutes ago, Sevda said:

We can add a button which allows the user to access the forum

I think this is nice to have but not inside the main menu list, but instead in the little square we have for info about the game already. Maybe in the place of chat button instead as i don't really see people joining IRC chat from there.

I seem to vaguely remember that theres an ingame report button in the making but not entirely sure.

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On 14/08/2022 at 1:12 PM, go2die said:

as Lobby is not fully connected to forum and not all players are aware of this forum it really not much usefull. 

Maybe some in-game reporting feature should be created.... after all it is lobby issue not forum issue, where elsewhere it should be...

Hello go2die,

I think the lobby needs more active moderator's. Anyway, noone can be active a lot due having own life but currently, at least for past quite few years there is no moderators of the lobby.

Smurfing, toxicity been growing and growing. Not sure what is the reason for mainly dev's being the lobby moderators but feel's like they cannot cope doing both at the same time. That's my point of view when it comes to lobby moderation.

There is one player who has been insulting, smurfing for the past few years. Noone ever done anything with him.


Have fun all.

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41 minutes ago, go2die said:

Terms of use as they are strongly "unsupervised" or "delayed" or simply "ignored"

Why? If we change our direction every time there is a lack of volunteers, we'll never get anywhere. If you want to help, rather than constantly point out the lack of volunteers, become one, or find someone willing to become one. Everything else is unfortunately not doing anything to remedy this. Stan is very well aware of the situation. And I am not sure babysitting the lobby is his best use of time. Regardless, I won't speak for him.

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Morning @go2die

I am sorry, but I do not have the time to look into it right now. I am stretched between the release (fixing the han cc and updating the release pipelines), the git migration, my actual work, my presentation at Vandoeuvre in two weeks, I really hope @user1 @Dunedan or @rossenburg can take care of it.

I think @user1 has a bigger plan that I do not understand, for he does not allow me to give moderation rights on the lobby. (He revokes them constantly)

Sincerely Stan.

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7 minutes ago, go2die said:

it seems worked for a while.

Clearly, it hasn't. That still doesn't make voluntary effort involuntary. If things get too out of hand, and we cannot resolve the situation, then I guess we just have to admit defeat and leave lobbies to be community hosted.

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