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  1. Do you cheat Stan? Interesting your answer... usually we see only issues with similar mindset... What about allow spec to flare with visibility to only specs too...
  2. Custom rating 0.25.3 - release - download offical version from first page on this topic @Sevda
  3. To custom rating: Not a bug but feature, i did not want people would misuse it in large scale. You only risk such mod will not be possible in next release. So enjoy you bravery now.
  4. In my honest: So funny , one of best smurfie (if even not smurf or Putin) here is the one misusing it and speaking even louder here Keeping silence is probably wiser solution... Restriction exist in any system I know and are there for many reason. You don't need to like them but you can always make own lobby and rules .-)
  5. Lobby does not allow to send private message to share password so it needs to be implemented I guess... so many wierd stuff exist
  6. Just question: how you avoid people "hinting" player over other voice chats :-) so text in-game seems ridiculous... As you have open gate which is even unable to proof or check...
  7. until they have very top hardware but still is better to have much faster responses later in game (interesting how you skip part of sentence just to provoke) - apologize and let me live .-)
  8. Walls should be also neutral, anyone can make open gate to them also. Make sense
  9. Bugfix 0.25.2 released - allows to see other players with custom rating in game from lobby - my deep apology - see first article
  10. New version for 0.25 released (read first message in this thread)
  11. It is already in alfa ready, few players testing it.
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