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  1. Guyes who really experienced DDOS while playing 0ad? I did, and i can tell you all disconnected (nothing worked, no website able to visit, no phone on wifi could get data even connected to wifi).. and it took like 10-15 minutes when it dissapeared. On other hand I had many "left" from hosted game without any issues of my connectivity (everything else worked well) and usually i can rejoin game after. This is probably not related to attack. What i noted if there is big attack all players got disconnected (or most of them) so it looks like they are not under attack but "host" of the game is
  2. I'm just curious how the hell you want detect from ddos attack anything in replays... quite ridiculous
  3. posting as there was demand for it winner: Khalid 2020-09-04_0002_Khalid.zip
  4. i just hope that most of autociv features will get new version of 0ad because it clearly shows what is "lacking" at this moment. and while it became integral part of new version there can't be discussion about cheating. Since mod is public to everyone there is nothing like that relevant.
  5. :----------------------) such responsibility Humanity global issue
  6. I want my points back this player andreassadi closed rated game. For my defense I play with him few games and I lost. So there are credits for him. Nevertheless last game he requested me to resign in middle of the game, while he could not "move mouse". So I told him resign yourself.. well and problem with mouse somehow resolved and game continue. I have to say as brave kushites i had really trouble with him. Anyway I could make good defense in the end 3x fort, cc and he lost lots of units.. then he told be "turle game" and probably expected instant resign from my side or different game style f
  7. I also noticed targeted attacks per specific users. Kinda of flooding. Happened to me also few times. It is not randomi'd say isolated to few players who always "present" that time. but it is just guessing ... so how to protect?
  8. what leads you to that conclusion? I'm overplaying kushites - does it mean kush are stronger civ?... again 0 facts here
  9. rating would work only if all games got rated .-) as now you can avoid or chose opponent and it is limited to 1vs1 you can be easily beaten by 900 player and you can most likely beat 1700. but in general higher rank shows better player quality as it needs more time to fake it. So anything 1700+ can be reliable expect players like Arkhipov :* which in this case usually plays only his presets.
  10. so veritcal dsitance as parameter in user.cfg would made my day
  11. just wait, play local game and you got unbanned later...
  12. use vpn + another laptop and free to play .-)
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