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  1. if you want wider audience for testing, prepare binaries for all platforms .-) I might start playing again ....
  2. 0.24.1 - first initial version for 0ad 0.0.24 - download link in first article
  3. I will try.. this is just fastest solution I need look around for gits ... another priorities
  4. @Stan` time to be creative then restrictive? .... please
  5. If you are using custom rating with autociv kindly upgrade to autociv at least 0.17.9 to be able host game and be visible for everyone.
  6. Found small bug in vanilla version - if you host game - other players without this mod won't join.. i will release fix in coming days
  7. just make another lobby for players who paid for that... mothly fee $10 wont hurt much
  8. Also DDOS was proven by Dakara that it recieved abnormal packet trafic over short period of time. Firewall solution is most likely only additional overkill to your router. it is chain reaction.. coz your router need additional cpu to resolve and inspect every packet. with very strong routers it is doable.. but not for every player who host game. if DDOS comes from multiple sources you have 0 success with encrypting or firewalling for sure.. You can search topics on google or amazon cloud tries to be DDOSed.. very interestign reads
  9. It can be done by script and can login/logout in specific intervals. As ddoses comes quite often I can't imagine player running it manually (it is fun first week but not months).. Try check those things to...
  10. Problem with zoom max is that you have great visibility but very slow speed of response while more units. It is good for making screenshots but not for play ability at all. maybe im wrong .-)
  11. options.json is easy part.. still you need resolve the rest .-)
  12. New version 0.11 introduced for vanilla players (those who don't used fgod) so for fgod players there is no update at this moment. Check first post for download and details. And if you like it send me hearts I used autociv code to implement some startup checks I hope @nani won't feel angry to me
  13. Problem is I can't use it with autociv together (which i want) because as @nani mentioned above it breaks its functionality due to those 2 functions which needs to be edited due to not easy way how to "change it" but if new 024 will count with this by default that we can decide regarding disabling 2xclick or 3xclick feature to select units (infantry) many player will be happy. Please keep choice also for buildings as separate choice (it is on other hand very usefull).
  14. @nani if we go deep into details it would not work as we want to set ev always 1 ;-) because we want to have selection of buildings, only not infantry .-)
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