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How to make soldiers prioritize attacking instead of capturing buildings?


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Another thing you can do is press "alt" or "option" if you have a mac, while clicking to attack. What this does is tell the soldiers to attack rather than capture the target.

In multiplayer we like this option because there are times where it is faster to capture a building and times where it is faster to destroy it.

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22 分钟前,BreakfastBurrito_007 说:

您可以做的另一件事是,如果您有 Mac,请按“alt”或“option”,同时单击进行攻击。 这样做是告诉士兵攻击而不是捕获目标。


I don't have a MAC.

30 分钟前,回复说:


Is this to be added to the soldier's template to take effect?

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1小时前,BreakfastBurrito_007 说:


“alt”将用于除 mac 之外的所有内容。 我不确定它在中文键盘上是什么。

PRC generally uses an English keyboard. The main problem is that I have not seen this usage of the Alt key in the shortcut key description in the game.

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6 minutes ago, sarcoma said:

ctrl+q 和 ctrl+alt+q 是默认的攻击移动键,也许将它们重新映射到更容易的东西

The problem now is that the soldier's default attack mode is to capture,
If I hold down the ctrl key and then click the ground with the mouse, the soldier will capture all the buildings along the way. I can only press ctrl and then click the building alone to let the soldier destroy it. I want to change the default attack method of the soldier on the building, and destroy it first. instead of capture.

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35 minutes ago, hyperion said:

@AIEND you have to change the javascript code, @Freagarach pointed out a starting point. All else in this thread you can safely ignore.


You can check the diff contained in following download to get additional pointers:


can't it be an additional function called from the interface? Like patrol or  garrison?

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