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Thread for posting suggestions for Alpha 27.

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Cossack/American Conquest series style gamemode, where units consume food upkeep, military units cost civilian pops (though would probably work better with two gendered citizens). and seeing units going inside and exiting structures.

Had a blast playing American Conquest, so i'd be living the dream with gameplay like it in the 0 A.D. setting.

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23 hours ago, Stan` said:

I guess the issue is that if we make Stun non default nobody will be able to play ^^

Agreed, just changing the default isn't the best way. Some UI changes to properly promote forwarding without confusing users certainly would be better. Rewarding hosts with a "first class host badge" is probably already a good incentive.

But we shouldn't assume people to be stupid and properly tell them the drawbacks of each method. There simply doesn't exist a just works solution without wfg hosting the games or proxying all traffic. So implicitly pretending otherwise wont help casting a good light on 0ad.

I faintly recall @Langbart having written a guide somewhere ...


21 hours ago, gui456wSERTDYF said:

I am an example of such people. I don't know anything at all about those network details. I am getting to know at this very moment that "stun" (whatever that is) is the quick'n dirty solution, if I am getting the point properly.

Does this forwarding port thing affect all online games/apps? If so, how do other games avoid this to be an issue? I don't play others so honestly I don't know, but all other apps that use internet connection work fine...

Forwarding requires you to have sufficient rights to configure your router. Stun is a technique which allows you in some cases to bypass this limitation. So quick'n dirty solution only in the sense that it's easily abused as a one trick pony. The biggest problem is only some people will be able to connect to you while others can't depending on their ISP, this giving the illusion of all is well when it's not.

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