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  1. The Roman army camp trains sword and spear infantry at advanced rank, rank 2 specifically, this is a perk of the building and entirely normal
  2. Looks good. Scholae palatina are an imperial guard unit though, so merging a command function with it doesn't really work
  3. I don't hate it, but the naming is awkward, needed something more in line with the era, which I am uncertain of. However a mounted commander is far more useful than a foot one. Honestly a bigger complaint is that they switched out the helmet for an imperial Gallic helmet with the transverse crest, that honestly jars more, but again I guess they wanted style points since that is immediately recognizable as a centurion. As to why they might not have gone with super heavy infantry is because Teutonic knights exist already filling that spot. So they went with a stronger version of one of Age II's most notable units the Paladin and tweaked it. To my knowledge Centurions are one of the most iconic units from Age I, so overall likely they were trying to capture that. Did they succeed, maybe, only time will tell.
  4. What about overlap? there are five villagers working the same field not just one, if points are chosen at random I could see a fair amount of "bumping" taking place as villagers try to take occupied points on the field.
  5. I was aware the Byzantines are Romans too, just using the geographic distinction as a justification for having two Roman factions in the same game.
  6. That campaign to my knowledge is for the Age I port, far as I am aware the only thing the Age II section is getting is the Roman civilization, everything else will be contained in the Age I section. However would definitely love some late roman campaigns in the Age II section covering all that which you mentioned. I really hope they do a Belisarius one eventually.
  7. Byzantium is the eastern half, Romans represent the western half
  8. They gave Dromon to four civs, Romans, Byzantines, Goths and Huns as replacement for cannon ships
  9. Late Romans fit the medieval setting better aesthetically and also from a historical aspect, granted there are considerable historical liberties taken throughout Age II, however it is very nice seeing late romans get some attention instead of the practically cliche earlier period with lorica segmentata armour and tower shields etc. Centurion is a bit odd being on a horse, but mechanics wise does work better for commanding foot units if you giving a speed buff and need to reposition.
  10. Curious suggestion, can we test giving Rome a Cretan merc archer and see how it does in terms of improvement and balance?
  11. A Cretan merc archer would be apppealing
  12. A valid point, but I will posit that armed eco is much more useful than unarmed, especially if you want to push an opponents territory and strip-mine his resources. A possible alternative solution has come to mind, give citizen soldiers an alternate form for gathering resources that you can automatically toggle when telling them to gather resources, then a combat mode when you tell them to attack something. This at least simulates the need to drop what you doing, grab weapons etc etc. Makes it necessary to improve your vision to avoid surprise attacks too.
  13. Adding a male villager would water down the value of citizen soldiers and potentially make turtling stronger due to smaller armies. However those armies will likely be champions as they are still overall better value, especially cavalry and elephants, so now the value of jobless citizen soldiers must be evaluated against the superior champions.
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