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  1. This way you can tone down unit scaling for those that have high attack and you no longer treating units with a blanket 20% or whatever. Now you can tweak individual units without busting the others too. Overall it seems a good solution to your balance problem. The big question now is how much effort would it require to implement.
  2. That seems a reasonable application. I like units gaining experience more than blacksmith upgrades since it provides a trade off for extra stats, which is more interesting than a blacksmith, so I would prefer that it is not nerfed into the ground. Potentially raw points could be used for the experience levels instead of damage percentages.
  3. Armour already functions like this adding +1 and +2 respectively. Attack would work just fine, the issue however is that raw attack point bonuses will interact with the percentage attack bonuses, eg if you add attack points and then do percentage bonus you will have a bigger final total than with just a percentage bonus. So that would need to be considered prior to tweaking.
  4. so legionaries javelin and gladius switch mechanic when ?
  5. Did you mean 200 health as citizens are already 100 health
  6. What is wrong with the young Spartan part?
  7. That is nice, I am around 1350 but I have not played ranked in a long long time. Most of it is still from A23.
  8. Siege tower can already move and fire, and that's way more devastating than a simple guy in a chariot with a bow.
  9. Occasionally in A23 I would outright delete my civic center after third phase, place camps and then rebuild it again.
  10. The only reason I remember was that it made for to strong of a kill zone with civic center and fortress and towers all in one space. Quite frankly the easy solution would be to say it must be a certain distance away from your civic center. Or simply accept that as a side affect.
  11. Han is going to an interesting space to watch, the stacked international trade bonus with Carthage is madness, plus the unique tech for silk roads. total 50% extra trade bonus lol.
  12. Did I miss something, there haven't been any confirmed changes to camps for A26 yet?
  13. Fair point, but it would be nice if we could utilize them earlier in the game or easier. Either seems reasonable. Either second age camp or allow the camp to be built on own territory as well as neutral/enemy.
  14. The cost of the camp isn't the issue, the problem is third age and has to be built somewhere outside your own territory. All that effort for rank 2 infantry that only ever gets measured in how well it can take hits. I agree on the champion side of things. The hero roster and consular guard have always been a strong point. It is just very funny that Republican Rome is playing like Late Rome rather than early Rome Like Delende Est, true, and then I wish to see some of its features in the main game lol. Best Roman experience ever though
  15. In hindsight after some play testing I did realize I had overlooked this, I reached just over 700 damage on those catapults using full tech and Scipio, great for anti ram turtling at any rate That being said Rome still feels sparse in options compared to say Athens which now has a second age champion, or Gauls which have had fanatics for a while and the best current cavalry in the game. It was discussed elsewhere about putting the army camp in second phase and it would be nice to have something to use in second age.
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