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  1. Yes I agree, it would make sense that you would get the civ specific elephant. As far as models go would one create a unique roman elephant model or use existing ones? I would really like to see a unique roman one, the current in game Roman aesthetic is very eye catching.
  2. In summary then of Roman feature discussions Move castrum to P2. Allow for training of elephants from captured elephant stables. What about the distinction between Indian and African elephants, would that be included? Add a nice elephant character with a triarii on top with a pike
  3. No it won't, it has nothing to do with siege camps. And attacking will always be to destroy civic centers or cripple eco. Wasting troops to hold an elephant stable is pointless and dangerous. Especially as you cannot garrison it with anything other than elephants. Potentiality is a bad way to design a feature. Either its there to use or it isn't. I am not going to factor something into my strategies that either wont be there to begin with(a civ without elephants) or probably wont be relevant if I happen to get it. Its a highly situational feature at best, a dangerous distraction at worst. Just look at the Carthaginian merc buildings, how many people go out of their way to capture them for the chance at training mercs, or even know that it exists as a feature.
  4. Rome captured a lot of war elephants from Carthage and used them in later wars against the Greeks and even their early civil wars. This is why I said it should be a technology with a title that references the Punic Wars and allows a limited training number. Lion.Kanzen is suggesting 7-8 I believe.
  5. It is a nice idea, the issue is that it is very situational to the point of never going to be used, if you capture someones elephant stable you have probably already won the game, and they can also delete their stable before you capture it. I don't want an ultra situational gimmick like capturing Carthaginian merc buildings is. If I go into a game I want something I know is going to be an actual option for me to play around with.
  6. Jumping back to this, what about instead of melee elephants it gives ranged elephants? We don't have a champion elephant archer yet, and a ranged elephant might be more beneficial to Rome than a melee elephant. One would have to create a model from scratch though, we only have Indian elephant archer models currently.
  7. Honestly I am hoping they try this for A26 in spite of feature freeze, would be nice to have something properly new for Roman players to play around with.
  8. True, but you will be floating plenty wood anyway, 300 extra wood ain't that much.
  9. Sometimes I would simply delete my civic center and place a few camps then rebuild the civic center back again. Veteran Triari and A23 scorpions where awesome
  10. I am half turtle so yes lol. That being said, everything got dropped down to 11 pierce damage, I am not sure that the reasoning is quite so valid now two alpha's later.
  11. Great. There is the benefit of using army camps to guard key border areas against attack as well. I still wonder why they can't be built in ones own territory though, is that just for balance? What about siege walls, would it be to much to move those as well?
  12. If you add a stone cost to blacksmith players simply build markets as those don't cost stone, its less useful than 3 blacksmiths by far, but since you rushing P3 it doesn't matter. Since Rome and Athens have the worst P2 options, how can one improve upon those? A thought I have had for Rome is perhaps moving the Castrum to P2, meaningful access to veteran rank troops, chance at earlier pressure. Athens I dunno about, my sphere of interest centers in Rome. Honestly why not make heroes P2 as well, at least we would get more benefit out of some of them, or make it graded so some heroes are P2 and some are P3.
  13. Also the logical response is 3 markets and then P3. Or more reasonably a blacksmith and two markets
  14. Eg if i wanted to play Rome, what are my options in P2 to defeat my opponent? Do I try and raid him silly with horses? Gauls at least have fanatics which are rather fun though honestly I think to expensive to really be useful. Britains have wardogs in P1 which lends some interesting flexibility into P2. Sparta has skiritai which are cool. And other factions have mercs which as we are all know are quite strong though only Ptolemies, Carthage and Seleucids can pull that off well. That leaves Athens which has nothing, Iberians has nothing, Maurya and Persia also. Kush has macemen but thats it and they rather gimmicky.
  15. Not really sure how a more expensive blacksmith is going to help. Forcing people to have a slower P2 does not solve the problem that P2 is literally irrelevant unless you plan on goin full merc and killing your opponent. The base issue is there are very few useful options in P2.
  16. Match limit as in only 5 per match? I was thinking more 5 on the field at any one time rather, much like you have in DE with merc limits.
  17. Interesting idea, but that would basically just be fire cav, also I think they did it for just one battle which failed spectacularly and after that tried other things. Roman Elephants can be justified far more than chariots from my perspective.
  18. So I have an idea to put forward. And I did a little research prior to ensure this would be historically reasonable, which it seems to be. So the idea is for a Roman unique tech that references the spoils of the Punic Wars and allows them to train a very limited number of war elephants, roughly 5 I am thinking, maybe more if you deem it fit. My brief research brought up their use in the Grecian conquests and the use of captured Carthaginian elephants after the Punic wars, so I think this is reasonable overall
  19. One could use smaller catapult stats as well, with how much damage catapults are now throwing out there is a lot of leeway to work with.
  20. Ah cool. Yes I remember rams being able to fight units rather well lol. Merge upgrade sounds interesting
  21. Awesome. I would love to see catapult turrets as an option in the near future.
  22. There is already a fair bit going in P1, we need some more things in P2. Also P1 rams may be a bridge to far in my opinion. The only way I would accept that is if we got P2 catapults.
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