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May Gods
- fpre (8.75), MarcAurel (7.5), Lord_Commander (?), randomid (7.25)
French -  Dakara (?), esu(?), Metafondations(6.5), Dakeyras (7)
eae em:    Badosu(8), Stockfish(8.75), Borg(9.5) , Vicentesk(7.75) = 34
Goats                         ValihrAnt(10), Phyzic(9.25), Issh(7), Edwarf(8.75) = 34.5
Los Gringos:  chrstgtr(8.75), Rauls(9), SaidRdz(8.5), Ricsand(7.75) = 34
???                    Boudica(8), UnknownPlayer(8),  Havran(8.5), go2die(6.5) = 31

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as my opinion

May Gods - fpre (8.75), MarcAurel (7), Lord_Commander (6), randomid (7.5)

French -  Dakara (7.5), esu(4,5), Metafondations(7.25), Dakeyras (7)

eae em -   Badosu(8,25), Stockfish(8.75), Borg(9.25) , Vicentesk(only see 1 game) 

Goats -  ValihrAnt(10), Phyzic(9.), Issh(7), Edwarf(8.5) 

Los Gringos - chrstgtr(8.5), Rauls(8.5), SaidRdz(7.5), Ricsand(7.5) 

No name Yet -  Boudica(9), UnknownPlayer(8),  Havran(8), go2die(6.5)



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I think that @Dakara did an unexpectedly good rating job. If his rating is not copyrighted, I'd just say copy it and count it as mine. ;)

I first considered changing the rating of two or three players, but I realized that it's the stability of their play that matters. Some can grow really fast but won't fight great, some perform worse when rushed or with a less played civilizations, some play great but have little sense of the team, and others the opposite. I think that for example esu might become better pretty soon. He was a good teammate IIRC, only lacking some specific skills.

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5 minutes ago, ffffffff said:

i advice using discord for abuse screen sharing during no vision and using mic for team communication with tested sound for good communication and cam for direct view of person. eae



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Based on the games I saw yesterday, I'd need to increase my rating of @Issh. I considered that initially and only decided not to because he likes to embrace nubness, but I doubt he will do that in the tournament. Just for the record, yesterday he could get double the pop of a player rated almost two points higher.

Now that the point difference among teams is increasing, it might be a good time to ask the lower ranked teams if they are OK to play like that. I think that @go2die has now put quite a lot of time into it. It might have little purpose if we do nothing with the data we got out of it. And since I'm a part of the lower ranked team, I personally vote for a rebalance.

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