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  1. @defc0n - not sure what your forum name is but I can play anytime today. Otherwise let me know when you'd like to play.
  2. @ZeroCelsius are you able to play today or tomorrow?
  3. I'm ready to play whenever you are @frank93. Free pretty much all day tomorrow. Just let me know
  4. I can play anytime after 5PM CST during the week, otherwise I'm free most hours during the weekend. @DerekO
  5. This is great! I’m out of town this weekend until Sunday afternoon :/ Does it start this week or next? If it’s this weekend I’ll sadly have to remove myself from the tournament. Thanks for setting up!
  6. @RolandSC2 @bubblebut @JC (naval supremacist) @Superposition big game lets goooo
  7. @JC (naval supremacist) @RolandSC2 @bubblebut @superposition will you be available at 19:00 GMT? I’m on now
  8. Thanks for posting this schedule @go2die . Looks great!
  9. That is correct @go2die its a SS of @badosu saying OPT was present during the initial game time.
  10. @badosu sorry all for my frustration, but I'd like to get to play this game out. If we can play today let me know, otherwise @go2die please see SS above noting that all members of OPT were present during original game time on Sunday 5/30/20. Thank you
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