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  1. @defc0n - not sure what your forum name is but I can play anytime today. Otherwise let me know when you'd like to play.
  2. @ZeroCelsius are you able to play today or tomorrow?
  3. I'm ready to play whenever you are @frank93. Free pretty much all day tomorrow. Just let me know
  4. I can play anytime after 5PM CST during the week, otherwise I'm free most hours during the weekend. @DerekO
  5. This is great! I’m out of town this weekend until Sunday afternoon :/ Does it start this week or next? If it’s this weekend I’ll sadly have to remove myself from the tournament. Thanks for setting up!
  6. @RolandSC2 @bubblebut @JC (naval supremacist) @Superposition big game lets goooo
  7. @JC (naval supremacist) @RolandSC2 @bubblebut @superposition will you be available at 19:00 GMT? I’m on now
  8. Thanks for posting this schedule @go2die . Looks great!
  9. That is correct @go2die its a SS of @badosu saying OPT was present during the initial game time.
  10. @badosu sorry all for my frustration, but I'd like to get to play this game out. If we can play today let me know, otherwise @go2die please see SS above noting that all members of OPT were present during original game time on Sunday 5/30/20. Thank you
  11. I’m in the US. During the week I can play anytime after 5EST. Weekends I’m free whenever. Just give advance notice please.
  12. One dozen signing bonus with an additional 3 cookies per team win.
  13. @Marcus Areillius please add my team. OPT aka OPTeam to the bracket. OPT: @LeGenDz @bubblebut @RolandSC2 @SuperPOSITION (+ @faction02 if our contract negotiations move along) Look forward to playing this weekend!
  14. Might be avoided by making the palisade walls cost more. It’s very cheap to spam them.
  15. @Boudica or @ anyone —— I’m looking to join a team for the tournament. I bring w/me decent skill, OP jokes, and a positive attitude.
  16. I’m in. Any team need a tier 5 player that’ll try hard?
  17. Looking forward to playing tomorrow if i get picked up on a team
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