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  1. In some 1v1 tournament i played ValihrAnt and i would bet 1000£ that i am going to lose 10 out of 10. Still i enjoyed the experience. I understand that some player who are above the team average strength might feel like they have been held back and more competition means more fun to some extend. but still each team has the potential to win some games. I would suggest we play for now while we continue to develope more advanced mechanisms for the next season that allow to improve balance
  2. As now we have 7 teams we can still only make 3 pairs/matches so one team has to pause
  3. Is there any team that wants to have a bye week on Sunday ? I
  4. it is only wrong if you count it that way. Answers 2+3 can be counted together for ppl that want change. So if 10 vote 1 8 vote 2 and 7 vote 3 we can still use option 2
  5. http://www.strawpoll.me/20185437 i made strawpoll
  6. Back then people involved in the discussion argued against more strict balancing rules. As i see it we have three options: 1: keep the rules as they are ( and maybe expand the tier list and people can change voluntarily) 2: Enact a maxmimum points per team system as suggested by @badosu, based on @go2die new rating list 3: Expand the tier system to with additional ranks based on the @go2die rating list
  7. At first the main focus was on getting any teams in general to play, and many players had very specific ideas who they want to play with. During the course there have been several ideas added to the discussion, i havent noticed though that there was a consesus of the majority to one of the different ideas, so there was no point in changing it. Me or @go2die will therefore make a poll to see if a consensus can be reached among the participants. Otherwise further balancing will have to be reached by appealing to the sportsmanship of people to form op teams, or alternatively on the tier list expansion.
  8. Wendy and aow have teams as far as i know. I offered LeGendz to join my team. The others have not reacted to possible team suggestions, so i am not sure they are still intrested in participating. Also i want to add the existence of many of the current teams depend on the fact that they were allowed to choose their team partners to a large extend. For better balancing it would have for example been helpful to get involved in making tier list from the beginning.
  9. If you want to propose a rebalancing method and you can convince all teams to change players, you are welcome to propose your method. Although i think for now we should be happy about having 6 complete teams willing to participate and just see how it works out, and just get it started instead of discussing changes for the next 5 years. Even if there are favorites in this tournmanet, doesnt mean there cant be any surprises, as this is the first opportunity to apply advanced team tactics and communication, which might or not have significant impact. Also every league has its favorites. After that is done i suggest we discuss how the system can be improved in the future
  10. Please also note that May Gods Team hymne is to be sung by all players life on discord, with recording before the game
  11. It also will cause great drama and protest if someone wins the game for doing dancing tricks if we remove the rule, they are not " op unit control " as wild clicking around is pretty simple a task. In order to avoid big drama while reviewing potential incididents we will apply the principle of german criminal law: " in dubio pro reo" ( in case of doubt decide in favor of the accused). I guarantee you, in case a player tries to play " honourable " he will not run any risk.
  12. I usually dont see @ValihrAnt dancing, only when others dance him
  13. Escaping with zick zack is fine, bc the escaping horses dont shoot
  14. I created team of players that didnt create team by themselves, which is the way team creation was supposed to be. I only suggest and not create teams.
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