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Ensemble Studios already knew they will screw it a lot if they didn't do medieval age. They know what a failure was AoE 3 era, not the gameplay, not the design, The Era. They could start from there a

Spellforce III wins hands down. It's not a "dark filter" or an "HBO filter", it's realistic lighting. It's the lighting that I strive for in my screenshots that all of you upvote. Now, the Cossacks 3

As far as art direction goes I’m happy with it buildings are whitewashed like they should have been, and colors are vibrant like they ought to be, sick of historical things having all the color sucked

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5 minutes ago, Stan` said:

I think it looks alright. Destruction effect seems pretty cool :).

If you want a ww2 mod you can help me with pyrogenesis 1944's mod ;)

A big part is importing Spring Engine's models in it :)

I need a victorian age mod :v
were are the spring modes?
send me a pm :)

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Ensemble Studios already knew they will screw it a lot if they didn't do medieval age. They know what a failure was AoE 3 era, not the gameplay, not the design, The Era. They could start from there a new 3D era for ensemble studios gaming, however making WW1 or WW2 is more difficult since it will be probably a copy from Empire Earth or Command and Conquer.

Honestly the most interesting aspect of RTS Genre are: Fantasy, Roleplaying, Ancient History, Medieval History.

The Gunpowder Era in RTS Genre doesn't sell too much unless you are ready to handle such amount of entities like Cossacks. Gunpowder era is more for First Person Shooter or Spionage.

A WW1/2 game would fit perfectly with the Dawn of War gameplay. But in a game like AoE 2 or a Gameplay like Ensemble Studios does, is just  a basic genre RTS. Unless they are going all in with a Settlers Economy management in AoE 4 mixed with the micro managamente of AoE 1/2.

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2 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

Btw in an interview they mentioned the game starts before Aoe 2 and ends near Renaissance.

Well basically it is AoE2 but with better handled limits. Migration Era to Renaissance. Already partially use in AoE2 (Huns, Goths, Spanishs, Aztecs etc)

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Felt like they didn’t put enough textures and it is very cartoonish
Why I felt it is for kids and parents play together…



Another disaster for Relic. First they didn’t understand what fans liked about ‘Dawn of War’. Now they’ve totally lost the feeling of Age of Empires. This looks like Total War or Cossacks NOT an Age game. Age games are about gameplay, balance, building, not about huge battles. If you showed me this trailer without telling me what it was I would never have said it was an ‘Age of Empires’ game. Two years of waiting for this? What a colossal bummer.



Age of Empires 3 introduced horses pulling all the carts and siege equipment. The siege weapons also spawned a crew which operated and moved them around once unpacked.
It was a really neat detail that added much to the overall feel of the game that seems to be missing both from the trebuchets firing in the trailer as well as some packed carts further back in the mongol base.

Could these make a return? The self-moving and firing siege equipment clashes with the otherwise realistic look the cities and units (albeit exaggerated for visibility) seem to be going for.


So much cartoony. Look those weapons.

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I think it will be a mix of age of empires. The map appears to be large as aoe2 and not as aoe3. There seem to be more soldiers, like aoe2 not like aoe3. But there seem to be heroes, like aoe3. About art, to me does not seem cartoonish, Especially if you watch on a big screen. It is also possible to see the difference in gameplay between the two factions, probably Mongolians will be something similar with the nomadic civilization of 0a.d mods. It is possible to notice that the amount of constructions is greater than the other age of empires. We have two different churches for example, and a lot of others that is hard to say what it is, possibly we will have a much more strategic game than the previous age of empires.

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