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Artillery Towers


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Just now, LordGood said:

@Sundiata Any suggestions for Kushite tier 3 towers?

Honestly, not really... I'm not the biggest fan of artillery towers for non-Greco-Roman-Carthage civs, but you circumvented that quite smartly with the Mauryan towers. It fits them well. I'm not sure the same should be done for Kushites. 

For some ideas, just for the sake of it :P I think that the bastions of the Royal City in Meroë would have been plastered white, while the bastions of more functional fortifications like Gala Abu Ahmed were drystone, with some of them still having evidence of mud brick parapets. I've seen an example of later Christian period fortifications of drystone towers still reaching 7 meters, suggesting some of the bastions may have been entirely drystone.  

Check this out, surviving parapets from the Medieval period:



And I found a date for this one, it's a 13th century Christian fortress (el-Khandaq):



They could help interpreting earlier Kushite fortifications using more or less the same techniques. Me butchering your blender model and resorting to photoshop to "finish" it:


The drystone to parapet ratio is closer to reality here, and I removed windows from the drystone and added them to the mudbrick parapet instead. 


I'm actually more concerned about siege equipment for the Kushites. Particularly a battering ram, or tunneling/sapping (subterranean bolt shooter principle). I can't find anything in terms of references though... Only Egyptian stuff, and even that is virtually non-existant. Basically a frame covered by animal hides (cow hides) and carried, rather than rolled on wheels. 


From Beni Hasan, Middle Kingdom Egyptian (there's some Kushite mercenaries in there as well)





The only Kushite art reference of a siege on Buhen:








Sorry, I can't be of more help. References of freestanding artillery tower derivatives is something I sadly can't produce. 


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