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First heard African music way back in the the early 70's and that was King Sunny Aday but this pick is from a few years ago heard on CBC here in Canada as Kiran Ahluwalia is Canadian who sings traditional Punjabi gushals this collaboration took place in Bamico  


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@m7600, @Ultimate Aurelian, some stuff I'm sure you'll enjoy!

From the lands of Sundiata, comes absolutely heavenly music. Kora music by the Griots, or "Jali" of the old Mali Empire. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I know. Brings tears to my eyes, actually:



Add the heavenly female voice of Sona Jobarteh, one of the few female griots in the world, and I'm left speechless: 



Two absolute legends... Old men playing desert blues... "The world is not changed by man. Man is changed by the world"-



Traditional Bambara music from Mali, by Fatoumata Diawara, mixed with traditional European orchestra, creates a beautiful lamentation, decrying the fall of Timbuktu to extremists in 2012: 



Some very sweet Tuareg music:



Similarly sweet Tuareg music:



More desert blues (or rock?), by Bombino, in Agadez (more Tuareg music):



Modern Hausa/Fulani music by Di'Ja, mixing traditional elements (really cool video):



Of course, I also have to share one of my new all-time favorites! A modern Arab-Sudanese Afrobeat, called "Kandaka", from the ancient Kushite titles for Queens and Queen-mothers (Kandake). It's a love song for Sudanese women in general:

(I love the ankh around the wrist of Mazmars... The Sudanese have not forgotten who they are :) )


This last one is a little more abstract. People sometimes say, Hip Hop is dead. Some people don't understand what it means, because they think that what they see on the tv is Hip Hop. But it's not. Hip Hop is a vehicle for change and revolution. It's a form of media for the disenfranchised masses. A means of communicating ideas, philosophies, news and poetry, for people that had few other means available to them. It's essentially open source music before open source was even a thing. Most popular Hip Hop these days is "compromised" in this sense. But sometimes "real" Hip Hop still appears in places you'd least expect it. Like this one (use subtitles):

Of course I also just love it because he says that Taharqa is his grandfather and the Queen mother of Kush is his grandmother :P 

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@Yekaterina I totally agree! That is actually my favourite song! Listen to it before your maths test and you will answer the questions more efficiently. I listen to it once before every test/exam to boost morale.

But, since when did you start listening to national anthems? I thought I was the only one who likes them... 


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