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  1. Indeed it would be good to have two handed swordsman for India (Specially since Briton Longswordsman will be removed); should it replace the current champion maceman/swordsman? Thread with general Mauryan sword references: Some references of later two handed Indian swords: Perhaps a bigger variant of the current Mauryan sword with a falx-like grip?
  2. They already have Romphaia mercenary. They could also have Galatian Swordsman and/or the non-Romanized Thorakites (Already used by macedonians).
  3. The ''mace chariot'' seems like a wheeled ram. Although it may also be fictional since it says it had no driver. I read that the Chinese used unmanned crossbow chariots once but i could not find a reliable source. Edit:I think it's made up, i looked for and could only find a clickbaity article. http://eskify.com/10-unbelievable-ancient-weapons/ It cites a ''rebellion against Yang Shuan in 180 a.d'' but i can't find any other source on this event.
  4. Bow catapult is sketchy, and Mangonels are probably not accurate for Mauryans (I read that the first to spread them outside of China were Avars around the 6th century A.D). I think the Asphatima was not a Onager since it was mobile, maybe it was a type of small Ballista that shot stones or arrows? Jāmadagnya was stationary could be a bigger ballista used on walls, or some type of Springal? I am not sure how it worked, a kind of battering ram? a mallet used by sappers?
  5. And it is not like those civs only fought each other. Gauls fought with Romans and Greeks, it would be unauthentic to balance them with only Britons and Iberians mind.
  6. During the Peloponesian war Iberian mercenaries were recruited from Sicily by Alcibiades. I think it would be interesting to have them in game, but Thracians were indeed more common.
  7. My take on that: Rams will get nerfed so swordsman will be less essential.
  8. Not sure about the iron/silver Corinthian. As far i know all Corinthian helmets were made of bronze.
  9. Some ideas: Fairness (Aura that boost villagers) Recalling the exiles (Citizen soldiers train faster) Maybe a bonus that makes your units immune to bribes (Because he stopped a conspiracy in the army)
  10. On Zapotec siege, i think it would be more accurate to lose their wheeled ram (They did not use wheels). Instead have a group of guys holding a log like Xiongnu ram. So siege workshop could be a relatively simple structure with some tree trunks lying around.
  11. I agree. I think it would be better to balance them around other civs from the americas. Rather than to Rome or Persia. Both are related to celebrating military victories so you could make the unique building train heroes. If yo use the observatory one you could also give it a big LOS, and maybe a unique tech.
  12. Does not Hyrule Conquest have a similar feature ?
  13. In antiquity religious aspects often intersected with more mundane ones. Druids were also scholars and judges, the Serapeum doubled as library, religious festivals were used to mark seasons among other things. I think it is plausible that priests of a elephant temple would profit from their herd of tame elephants. Or that a training center would have a temple to the elephant god.
  14. Inca one is the smallest, maybe give it a well with some props like the greek one ? For Pueblo wonder you could use Casa Grande: Or maybe a section of Mesa Verde.
  15. Maybe make the CC a bit bigger ? i think it is smaller than the barracks.
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