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  1. Update on the house. Still need to make other 3 variations.
  2. Well, I'm trying to follow your recommendation of making the civic center, tower, walls, barracks and fortress in the Gondarine style, and making everything else vernacular. Yes, I ran into the same problem while searching for references. Although I'm not sure if this is due to lack of archaeological references, or simply that we haven't been searching thoroughly enough. There's also the theory of that scholar that I mentioned before (I can't remember his name), about one of the rock churches being originally a fortress.
  3. Update on the civic center. Still a WIP, it's far from being finished.
  4. @balduin Maybe we can reach a compromise regarding the timeline, if we both meet each other half way. There is another fortress in Ethiopia, called Guzara Castle, which was built circa 1572. That's almost 60 years before the foundation of the city of Gondar. It is generally agreed that it has a "Gondarine" style despite the fact that it was built in the previous century and in another region (although one could make the case that it's style is more Ottoman than Gondarine). Here are some images of it.
  5. I wasn't planning on giving siege units to the Malians. For the purpose of attacking buildings, I thought of giving them only champion archers with flaming arrows. You think they should have siege weapons?
  6. @balduin No worries. If I was uncomfortable with feedback from other people, then I wouldn't post anything. It's really that simple. I could have just worked on this mod without posting anything in the forums, until I completed it. The reason I did not choose that option was because I actually value feedback from other people, even when it's critical. Otherwise, one never learns much. While I do emphasize again that I have the final word on this mod simply because it's mine, that does not mean that I'm not willing to listen to what other people have to say. I believe that I have given enough proof of this in the "civ: Malians" thread. @Ultimate Aurelian suggested many changes, and I agreed with almost everything he had to say. For example, when I was working on the Malian blacksmith, he suggested that it would be better to have an outdoor furnace. So I made an outdoor furnace. He suggested that I should use a block of stone instead of an anvil, so I included a block of stone. When I was making the Malian houses, he suggested that I get rid of the spiked doorways, so I got rid of them. If I was not willing to listen to other people, I would not have done any of that, I would have simply said "LOL SHUT UP I DO WHATEVER I WANT!!!111oneoneone". But I didn't. So I don't think anyone can say that I've been unreasonable. As for your suggestion to exclude the Gondarine style, I may follow your advice, or I may not. I haven't decided yet. But even if I remove the Gondarine buildings from the mod, I still want to have some 3d models of them, to use in the Atlas editor for example, or simply for myself. So nothing is set in stone yet. But here would be my question for you: how would you represent the transition from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern period? Would you use only architecture from the Middle Ages? Or would you use architecture from the first centuries of Modernity? Or a combination of both? I thought that a combination of both is what would reflect best that transition, but I'm willing to listen to other ideas.
  7. True. They made far worse mistakes, though. You should check out their model for the African castle, it looks cool, but it's completely made up. With so many historical African castles that they could have used for reference, they decided to just invent one. I'm trying to correct that as well as some other things with this mod. No, it isn't. That was a suggestion you made, and I followed it to a certain extent, but not to the letter, only as a guideline. I may extend the timeline to the end of the 1600's. If the timeline includes the 1600s, and it probably will, then the Gondarine style is perfectly compatible with that. Plus, I would like to include the Portuguese at some point, so even better. BTW, the Gondarine style was not exclusively influenced by the Portuguese. It was influenced by Baroque architecture in general, by architecture from Arabia and India as well, and it even has Nubian influences. Because of this, scholars tend to agree that Gondarine architecture has its own unique style. I'm not sure I understand your sudden change of tone, it seems unnecessarily aggressive and accusatory. Have I given reason to believe that I'm indulging in stereotypes? Because I'm actually trying to do the exact opposite of that. Yes, and you do understand that I don't have a team, right? I'm making all of these models by myself, as well as the textures, and the changes to the XML files, as well as testing everything and fixing all that needs to be fixed. I appreciate all of the feedback and references that you guys are providing, but you're not making the models or any other art assets, nor are you editing all of the relevant XML files. All of that is currently being done just by myself. And that is exactly what I'm doing. I have stated it over and over, many times: it is just an inspiration. I believe that both my comments and my models reflect that. The Zimbabweans were not part of AoE 2: African Kingdoms, so how is that an attempt to replicate something from that expansion? Again, the 1000-1500 is simply a guideline. I may extend it to 1000-1600 or even 1000-1700. I would like to emphasize, once again, that I'm interested in History's great moments of transition, like the Fall of Rome and Early Middle Ages, and like the transition from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period. I do all of this for fun, @balduin. No one is paying me to do it. While I appreciate constructive critiques, I have the final word on every aspect of my mod. That includes changing the timeline from 1000-1500 to 1000-1700 or to whatever I please.
  8. @Ultimate Aurelian Good roster. I like the inclusion of the Shotel warrior as a champion. Maybe the focus and theme of this civ could be melee infantry + siege machines, in contrast to the archer / cavalry theme of the Malians.
  9. I thought the same thing about the easy way, but wouldn't it be a problem for when the game converts the portrait to the really small version that you see when you train the unit, like in the CC or the barracks? The weapon mini-icon could get transformed into noisy pixels : P The harder way sounds like a better solution. I'll have to try them and see the results.
  10. Would that require some changes to the engine, or can it be done with a mod using only JavaScript? I would imagine that ideally, these sorts of things would not be hardcoded in C++
  11. Thanks! It also needs details. I just realized that if the text was not there, it would be impossible to know that this is a spearman. I think I'll make it again, trying to add a spear and more detailed clothes, maybe a necklace as well. Or a turban.
  12. Just a quick portrait I did to see how it would look like for one of the units. Made with MakeHuman, Blender, Krita and Gimp. Basically I just used the African settings for the model provided by MakeHuman. Then I exported it so I could open it with Blender to add some lighting. Then I exported it as an image and tried to give it a "painterly" look with Krita, and finally I tweaked the image a little bit with Gimp.
  13. Post #200! Let's celebrate it with a work-in-progress for the barracks!
  14. That is certainly possible. And I may follow your advice. The idea of this mod was, initially, a tribute to AoE 2: The African Kingdoms. In that expansion, the factions were: Berbers, Ethiopians, Malians, and Portuguese. The latter had firearms. For this mod, I'm making the same factions, except for the Portuguese, which will be replaced by Zimbabweans. But I would like to incorporate the Portuguese at a later stage, maybe in a different mod? One of the things that I personally like a lot about history are the periods of transition from one Epoch to another. The fall of Rome and the start of the Middle Ages, for example. Or the transition from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period. These moments interest me very much. They tend to be centuries of great upheaval and enormous changes; a part of society yearns with nostalgia for "the old ways", but a new society is being built on the ruins of the old. Anyways, those were my motivations. But I'm open to suggestions and critiques.
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