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Oh Now you've got me started...

Rise against - Hero of war

Re-Education through Labour!

This is Madness! this is TRUE music!

If you like either of those two you should listen to everything rise against makes :3

and if your american pick up a gun and shoot at the government. Because peaceful revolution isn't happening--violent revolution is inevitable.

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WOW! I LOVE the AOE soundtrack! Man, i was but a baby (1 year old) when the first AOE was released, but i watched my father and my cousin playing it and i grew playing it too!

Yeah, it was pretty epic, easily one of my favorite game soundtracks along with Myst/Riven :P Though I have to say, the 0 A.D. soundtrack is coming along quite nicely, and with live instruments!

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They're okay. The sound quality of the recordings is pretty bad unfortunately. I wish he remade the Greek theme from AOE1 or whatever it's called... "Habbidakis!" "Rogan?" lol... the song that starts out with what sounds like a very midi-ized harp or harpsichord. I can hear the eagle call even now.

EDIT: Found it! LOL


Rogan? Habbidakis! Hummis? Wooloolooo!

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