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  1. Lydia (Assyrian: Luddu; Greek: Λυδία, Turkish: Lidya) was an Iron Age kingdom of western Asia Minor located generally east of ancient Ionia in the modern western Turkish provinces of Uşak, Manisa and inland İzmir. Its population spoke an Anatolian language known as Lydian. Bronze age factions pliss!
  2. Libyans from africa is all i want, and they fit in with the required timeframe and other requirements. (have faced the romans. etc etc)
  3. can't have naked girlies, even if they are badly textured, imagine all those poor little innocent children?!
  4. Reaaaally. DIdn't notice that. But making it viable in a sort of campaign map would be a great step forward and a callout to the total war modders, dont cha think?
  5. Just so long as you don't count all my losses, count me in.
  6. They would have to write their own tool to make it work properly. And as you know writing tools is a slow, tedious business, or 0ad would be 100% done by now. (and probably everything else that's being made atm) and given, they're busy on the game atm, deviating time to an auto updater would mean.. well.. the game would be delayed. Maybe post 1.0
  7. i do agree that soldiers should drop their arms when they start gathering resources, this would double the effectiveness of raiding, and be funny to watch soldiers scrambling to drop the wood they just gathered, swearing, sprinting to the spear they dropped 10k away, and turning around to get killed by a guy already armed to the teeth.
  8. Doesn't mean you can't start now, just means it can't be implemented yet.
  9. yes but they arent the imperial romans in 0ad, they're the republican romans.
  10. i imagine, but factions that rely on mass troops should get more of the population split towards them, and less to the ones who rely on the strong cavern-funneler troops like sparta and.... uh... macedon i suppose.
  11. I'm happy one of my old ideas influenced you guys to make a model of a campaign city! Now we just need to figure out how we're going to make them function, hmm. Oh and to those who don't know wtf i mean, even with the picture, i mean the total war campaign map city model thingies.
  12. it's impossible to pit alcibiades into a single faction, because he kept swapping sides to cover his butt. And as for the makedonian library, i say just make it so you can research alot of non-standard upgrades there, as opposed to foreign tech. besides, some of that foreign tech might only work on that faction given it has structures, units and heroes to be affected, seperate ones, than makedonians have, so it'd be a headache to implement.
  13. Ah to hell with rome total war 2, total war has lost my faith. Hegemony rome however. THAT, my friends, is where the future lies. http://www.longbowgames.com/rome/
  14. Technically not possible because 0ad is a nonevent, its 1ad and 1bc. :3
  15. wherever romans are, roads are important.
  16. nah, leave the logistics and all that jaz to hegemony, why have part of a logistics sytem when you can have a whole one. just sayin.
  17. If you chuck a look at the current tech tree status They are basicly all the same, >.< Tech is going to be by the looks of it much more unique than aoe, like you can only grab one, but its cumulative. Like on a map with bnarely any ore but a tonload of trees, you'll get the lumberjack upgrade every time, then sell that for metals. ETC ETC. So it would be dificult to draw it up, though i imagine at a later stage there will be alot more tech unique to each faction. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also i would love to have cumulative repeatable "upgrades" that are temporary buffs Like as romans you could decree a state of emergency, making infntry units (non elite) train faster and a bit cheaper, but have like 10 hp less per unit or something. And the celts/gauls could have a raise warhost but it does the same instead it doesnt train faster and make them weaker, but it makes all gathering much slower ETC ETC. #2
  18. Its not exactly important to fix imo, i mean, animals are always moving. Wheras mines, trees etc are not.
  19. Personally i would preffer something close to aoe2's wall system. (less tower, more wall!) Or even rise of the middle kingdoms one, (build wall, and build gates on walls, and build towers onto walls.) Maybe i need to provide video of latter idea?
  20. Is it possible to script resources so that forage bushes and trees are the only ones that spawn near each other and near start points? I would like to see a map with forage positions far away from bases.
  21. W-w-oaaah, that island in your screenshot looks like austrlia without tasmania! lol IDEA! Could you do a rms script with 3 big islands, and like 10 small ones, that resembles Papua new gunnea, australia, and newzealand? That could be your new challenge!
  22. I was scrolling down to give some constructive critisism, but i saw those two... things.. laughed my head off, and i cant rmemeber a @#$%ing thing, first two posters iwth images, please kindly remove them >.>
  23. Scrolling down reading comments when i shat myself HOW THE @#$% DID YOU GET IT ON YOUR PHONE BRO? TELL ME HOW! if thats not oyur phone just say :3
  24. Teanslation, you want to recreate the corals from age of empires 3? done, and its going to have elephants, camels, horses, you name them, done.
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