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  1. Justan idea, so dont kill me if its not good, but maybe ask people to pay like $5 to get the editor/open source thing. That way money could go if enough to part time staff. Only need 10,000 people to chip in for an awesome game and you got roughly 1 or 2 part time peeps
  2. I think a great add on/improvment would be to have civilizations from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. (I understand that some of the civilizations already technically include some of Africa and Asia). Civilizations like the ancient (Asia) Chinese, Qin dynasty (the one that built the great wall i think) Japanese, (Americas) Incans, Aztecs, Mayans, (Africa) Egyptian, Aksumite, Ethiopian,Nubian. I know a lot of people who are facinated by these more exotic empires and peoples. Brining them in would add some great diversity and really spice up the entertainment. Add in the creativity license and y
  3. I think that one really neat add on would be more civilizations, but in paticular civilizations of Asia, Africa, or the Amerias. I love the game and I love the civilizations, but I think adding at least one major civilization from these other continets would be a great improvement/add on. It would make the game a little more diverse. (I think the Persians might count as part of Asia). Anyway I think having some of these civilizations would add a lot to the game. Thank you for your consideration.
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