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  1. If there are all tiles the same in one area why pathfinder needs to check all tiles around it and not only one (or two, entry and a exit one) from each area?
  2. Yes, and perhaphs it could see SoD/sea/no path as one problem: only dashed line there.
  3. As is used for land units, isn't it?
  4. I think so too. You can see it f.e. in articles at Wikipedia where names of articles are Call of Duty not depending on the chosen language. Local translation are written only for non-English-speakers. One another example for all of them: article Age of Empires at German wiki starts: "Age of Empires (englisch für „Zeitalter der Weltreiche“)..." and later in text is "Age of Empires" used to refer to the game.
  5. Good work, Pedro. EDIT: As Brightgalrs is telling under me (but with no link), article was moved to 0 A.D.
  6. It's not directly in the language itself but in the language version of Wikipedia. The German one, as a second largest Wikipedia language version, presses more than other language versions on quality of articles. AFAIK they have one of the strongest requierements. So to say it clearly: Please get to know local rules before translating articles among Wikipedia language versions.
  7. Yes, it will tell you a lot about your play style.
  8. Good idea but 5 tiles minimum is false. You are using squares so it is at least 9 tiles. Maybe rectangles would work too?
  9. On http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/ there is still the download link to Alpha 5 (under the central image)!
  10. Look at the Death Canyon map. There is a bridge and some fords too.
  11. I meant ingame costs, of course. So let us build a hangar, then. Or will we have only several planes at the start of mission and no way to build more? And another idea: is it possible to include them in Alpha 6 under some cheat? For example we can get one flying above our CivCenter after typing "flyingflying" or something like that?
  12. Springs: 1944 is fun but you need to move really fast to have at least a slight chance to win. EDIT: By the way, how much cost one P51-Mustang?
  13. Not a few. Eightteen. 22 - Felicitas = 21; 21 - Fauna and Flora and Fama (not suitable) = 18. I will try Fulgora then. How warm?
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