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  1. How about the Maori? They were pratically born to be warriors, many started training at around age seven. Their martial skill was so powerful that they're one of the few indigenous peoples to never really be conquered by the invader. In Australia, 200 Kalkadoon warriors made a last stand against many better armed British and indigenous soldiers. After hours of fighting against superior weaponery, including a cavalry charge, they finally charged at the enemy with spears drawn and made the ultimate sacrifice.
  2. Looks really cool, I love the Lochagos unit.
  3. Eh, I honestly don't mind the graphics - I'm always for something colourful in an era full of murky dark visuals, and I like the exaggerated animations. From what I've heard from people in the Beta it doesn't take that long to get used to them. I don't remember AOE games being particularly revered for their graphics, either - sure, they're always pretty but it's not a major selling point. I think it's easy to forgive RE for thinking the same and concentrating on gameplay instead. I've been very sympathetic to this game, just because of how much hate has been directed at it. People are seriously wishing ill on RE just for one game they barely know anything about and haven't played yet, they're making fun of developers on the official forums and so forth. I really don't see what's so offensive about it. I hate MMO but again, from what I've heard the "MMO" aspect has been very played up in the marketing and, ultimately, it's just the same AOE game with a few things added to it that are entirely optional. I don't like the non-historical element but AOE games have never been accurate. I guess ultimately I feel that considering it's free and you're not being nickle and dimed it's nothing to go up in arms about.
  4. Although the Egyptians have been done in many strategy games, I don't think they've ever been portrayed realistically at all, so I'm definitely behind this. Great start. A khopesh wielding warrior could be one of the super units, specialising against non-Egyptian units, reflecting on its superior evolution from Canaanite beginnings. Just a thought.
  5. Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNT4pMmH9CY Teen Daze - Shine On, You Crazy White Cap The Holidays - Broken Bones
  6. Well I'll hopefully be living in Canada sometime within the next couple years since I want to study in Toronto. It looks like a lovely country too and doesn't seem too different to Australia socially, so it won't be too much of a culture shock. After that, pretty boring choice but I'd love to live in the US, at least the north east, NYC or Boston would be amazing to me since there's so much history and culture there. And for a third choice... probably Turkey. I can't choose between Europe or the Middle East so I'll go with the best of both worlds.
  7. May as well bump this thread again... well, right now I'm a freelance artist working on a portfolia/saving money to study at a particular school in Canada (Toronto to be precise) in a year or two (preferably after my sister's wedding in late 2011, since I'm real darn excited about that). I suppose I'm in that stage of life where I just want to be away from home for a little while.
  8. Very nice, I agree with you on all fronts. First time I've heard of Rise and Fall in years, too... my, that was an odd game. I gotta say, you more or less described the game I've wanted to make since I was in high school. One day...
  9. Not to ask a noobish question, but is it possible to actually play the game right now, despite the lack of some important features and with some bugs and tweaking? If so, it's certainly an exciting stage!
  10. All I want to see is the "barbarian" factions done faithfully, without the essence of Roman propaganda seaming through.
  11. Why do the pre-Dorian Spartans have helots? [/pedant]
  12. I plan on playing the Iberians first, and from the sounds of things they're turtle-rushers, which I can dig. Of course, I'll play the other civs as well, even though I don't care too much for the Romans - but hey, you never know - they might end up being the most fun to me!
  13. If Iberian lynxes are included, I'd feel really bad about killing them.
  14. When a unit upgrades, are we given any indication of it? Is there some little special effect around the unit as it happens, a la turning a unit into a hero for the Atlanteans in AOMTT?
  15. The Mykenaian style of warfare was very different to the post-dark age Greek armies. Even in the archaic period massive advances were made, such as with the Hellenized phalanx being formed and the huge development of weapons and armour from the 6th century BC onwards. Chariots were strictly a form of transport or leisure during most of the archaic era onwards, though richer men may have served as cavalry in the archaic period. As for Trojans being Babylonians, that sounds like quite controversial thinking, as only the very furthest south-eastern tip of Turkey was Mesopotamian, let alone Babylonian. The Trojans were simply Anatolians with an Aegean culture. That book is really good though, and as expected has fantastic artwork!
  16. I don't want to see kids in gameplay, but I wouldn't mind a children as campaign units - eyecandy* or otherwise. *I, too, am not a paedophile.
  17. Thanks for the information, espiesior. The 0 A.D. Persians, however, are only meant to be represented by the Achaimenids. It's not as such ignoring the successor and later Iranian empires, but more to pinpoint a particular era and highlight it, I suppose. Just as the Hellenes don't have early chariots or late thureophoroi - they appear only as in the Classical era. And the Romans only as the Republic. Who knows, we may see Parthians or Sassanids in a later version of the game.
  18. I always wanted a tattoo, but I think my family would disown me if I got one. This isn't enough to convince me not to get one, however.
  19. Your opinion, Breepee - I like AoE3 more than AoK, personally.
  20. Not everybody plays no rush. :)
  21. Works fine for me. Depends on the card you have, of course - but even with the abuse of bloom it's beautiful to play and look at, even one and a half years later.
  22. Thebes as a branch? Would that mean the possibility of Athens and Sparta becoming seperate branches too, as opposed to just being joined up in the poleis branch?
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