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  1. Hey everybody, happy to report a LOT of new 0 A.D. music coming! I'm working on a bunch of tracks, and @Samulis contributed a lot of excellent ones as well! I've noted the request for more battle music, will see what I can come up with! Though to the best of my knowledge there are two combat tracks from Jeff Willet, Elusive Predator and First Sighting - is there only one on the game playlist? Might be worth checking. Thanks, Omri
  2. Thanks, @Stan`! I've received the email and will be looking out for a track from you, @Fego. Omri
  3. I see, please feel free to send me a list if you'd like my help on any of the musical sounds! Meanwhile, I'm just about finished for the day but I've spent a few minutes putting together a little sample sound - this is the direction I was thinking about for the create-priest sound. I can make similar sounds for the other events as well - let me know what you think. Thanks, Priest Create sample 1.mp3
  4. Thanks for catching this, the cue in question is actually from Jeff Willet, so I'll be sure to keep him posted. So far I haven't been able to locate it, but most videos of this show are blocked in Israel. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, Sorry I've been absent - I've had a chance now to listen to the sounds on this thread, and while some of them are going in a good direction, some sound a bit off to me. Personally, I'm not a fan of the overly-processed voice, I think it might stand out in a game like 0 A.D., as we've tried to keep the audio processing to an absolute minimum. I feel things like create-priest, create-hero and hero-die should be cleaner and less processed. I might be able to take a crack at those tomorrow - as well as a musical fanfare for the victory screen. If there are any that I missed, please feel free to email me, omrilahavmusic@gmail.com Thanks, O
  6. I've got a few tracks almost ready, and several submissions from other composers to sort through! I'm moving right now, which is extremely consuming in L.A.... but I expect to be back into it in a couple of weeks. Will keep you all posted soon
  7. Hey, it looks good to me! Well done, @Samulis!! One thing that comes to mind - in some cases (strong vs. soft waves) the "intensity" variable is fairly obvious. However with the person walking example, it could be interpreted as number of people walking, hard or soft sounding terrain, walking / running etc... so not always straightforward. I think it'll be fine so long as the "name" variable is specific about some things - i.e. "person_walking_dirt" vs "person_running_sand" or "people_walking_swamp". O
  8. @Sundiata thank you for this useful resource I was pleasantly surprised to find out these tracks are fairly similar to the tracks I drafted for the Kushites! I'll aim to upload them for the team to review next week. Also, I'm working with another composer to add more music to the game, and I think he owns some of these African instruments, it will be interesting to explore some of these sounds with him. Updates coming soon! Thanks again,
  9. @24 Beats, thank you for making a sample for 0 A.D.! As a rule, our soundtrack uses absolutely no electronic sounds. We strive to use authentic, organic sounding instruments, so the style of this track doesn't really fit into the soundtrack. If you can adapt it to fit with the rest of the soundtrack, that'd be great. Please take a listen on our official bandcamp, and be in touch with me if you have any questions. Also, please read the Music Contribution Guidelines post! Thanks again, Omri
  10. @Samulis has been in touch with me, I pointed him here earlier today! I'm currently working with him to process some music contributions to the game, and I'm sure he'll do great work as our new Sound Lead! I'll be around to offer feedback on all audio assets as needed, and please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns or questions
  11. Hill of Sorrows is an old track of mine. Jeff Willet laid his percussion magic on it and it was added to Terra Magna, not the main game... But it is indeed one of mine @Free I got your message and sent a reply, please feel free to keep in touch and send me any tracks you think are a good fit for 0 A.D. Thanks!
  12. Hey team, I realize it's been quite a while (!) but I wanted to post an update regardless. As was often the sad case with 0 A.D. music, I've got 3 drafts almost ready but I can't seem to find the time to finish them properly! I am currently wrestling with 7 film projects but will raise my head soon, and post some rough mixes of my ideas for the Kushites. Thanks for your patience, Omri
  13. Another quick update - I have some sketches ready! Will be posting them very soon. Thanks for the patience Omri
  14. Just a quick update - my schedule is a little crazy at the moment, but I will try to make something happen in time for the next alpha, so the Kushites can have at least one track! Omri
  15. Here are a few sound effects I quickly created with my horn sample. I tried a few different directions. War horn - a simple gesture, layer 1 is 1 solo horn (for animal attack?), layer 2 is 2 horns (for civilian attack?), layer 3 is 6 horns (for full engagement?) Charging horn - a stylized flurry, layer 1 is a single note, layer 2 is a simple chord, layer 3 is a dissonant chord Chaos horn - this is a cluster of 6 notes, not sure if it'll be useful but I made one just in case Let me know what you think! 0 A.D. - War Horn - Layer 3.wav 0 A.D. - War Horn - Layer 2.wav 0 A.D. - War Horn - Layer 1.wav 0 A.D. - Charging Horn - Layer 3.wav 0 A.D. - Charging Horn - Layer 2.wav 0 A.D. - Charging Horn - Layer 1.wav 0 A.D. - Chaos Horn.wav
  16. I've got some great war horn sounds, I'll be happy to make a few variations of an attack sound. Will post a few options to this forum, in the style of the AoE reference. I'll make a few levels of intensity, and they can be assigned to different events (i.e. enemy unit entering your territory, soldiers engaged in combat, civilians attacked etc). Omri
  17. Sounds very good!! Personally, for bows fired out in the open world, I'd leave the reverb off, but the sound itself is very good. Well done!
  18. Hi guys, I'm sorry, I was never really up to speed with the Sound Design of the game - so I'm not sure how these relate to the overall language. What I can do is provide feedback on these particular effects The human voice is the most ancient, instantly-recognizable, versatile musical instrument we have! I think it's super weird (especially in a history-based game) to use any kind of digital processing on it. The pitch shifter etc... it's just immediately obvious that this is synthetic, and not real. While I understand the effect you were going for (like a big choir of male monks?), I don't think this is the way to achieve it. What I normally do to "fake" a choir is gather 2-3 singers, have each one sing their part about 8 times, mix those channels up and spread them around - and then mix in some choir samples to beef it up. Bottom line - I think the processed voice will stick out and be a little foreign to the natural, historic feel of the game. Of course this is only my personal opinion, but I'd recommend trying a more convincing, not-processed way to create this effect! Omri
  19. Ah, my apologies! I will bookmark this thread and post here when I've had the chance to work something out. What will probably happen is that I'll post a draft (or several drafts) around mid-February, and then work on finalizing the tracks we like best. O.
  20. @Sundiata, thank you for the extensive research and wonderful references! At the moment, I am dealing with three film soundtracks, but I will be able to create a new track or two during February. I will listen to all the references to pick out the common elements and try to make something that sounds authentic, and also works within our game-world. Please keep an eye out on the Score Notes and Links thread, I post new tracks there. Omri
  21. Hey guys, These sound really nice to me, maybe a little too much reverb though - might sound weird since it's out in the open, and there aren't too many close surfaces to create so much echo. That said, I'm not the person in charge of sound design in the game, I just deal with the music... I'm sure @WhiteTreePaladin would know who to talk to.
  22. Hi Lea, nice to meet you! Sounds promising, where can we listen to your work? Do you have anything (more or less) in the style of the existing 0 A.D. score? Thanks,
  23. Found two interesting videos recently This guy made a piano cover of Honor Bound: And the Greek Fire Department used Honor Bound for a drill video, hehe! O.
  24. Jumping in on this post after a long time, sorry about that! I'm happy to help create musical sound design elements (like phase transitions etc). Is anyone in particular is managing this subject? I wouldn't like to impose of the sound design team so I'd rather communicate first
  25. Hello @tmm88! My sincere apologies for the huge delay, I've been in the process of moving and starting over my studio in Los Angeles, so it was a hectic year. I'm getting back to you now regarding your music - I have listened to it and it's well done, but you will need to find a way to create a more realistic simulation to be included in the game, as hearing a MIDI driven track will really distract from the game's sense of timelessness. It is particularly noticeable in the repeated patterns of the last submission, mostly in the high strings and winds. If you can create a well sampled version of the track, I will be happy to assist with some live instrument recordings. Feel free to reach out to me by email and keep me posted of your progress. Good luck to you my friend, O.
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