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Found 5 results

  1. Ok surfing on Genbeta a Spanish software blog , I found 2 sites to download sounds and music without DRM and totally free mostly. https://samplefocus.com/
  2. The Kingdom of Kush: Music Tracks In order to create the most authentic feeling Kushite faction as possible, we are in need of a new musical track. There is one very Egyptian sounding track, which is good, but the second track currently being used sounds too "generically African". Although we have permission to use them, the license isn't of a formal nature, and more authentically sounding Nubian music would fit this faction like a glove anyway. For this reason I'm posting a tracklist of contemporary traditional Nubian music that should serve as the primary reference for a 0AD original t
  3. ok I want share here some OST, screenshots, pics and all about History and Ancient times.
  4. Hi folks! I'd like to share here some music I love, that fit the spirit of 0 A.D. : Damask Rose, by Vangelis : (makes me feel in the Mauryan Empire ) and last but not least ! : RAKIM, by Dead Can Dance : (in my top 5 this year. The rhythm at the start and the voice of Lisa Gerrard give me goose bumps !!! ) Heat Dream, by Marco Beltrami from Flight of the Phoenix soundtrack (no Youtube of this track, unfortunately, but a page on the sdk, with a sample to listen to)
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