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  1. Well, after programming & translating I don't have that much time left for gaming...
  2. You only get the bronze star. I hid 3 errors in that sentence
  3. This is where they are from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodes
  4. Well, maybe half a friend will do, you might find those on discount. And if they are good friends, they will put up with eating instant noodles too
  5. Do you have a friend who has that sort of skill? Invite them to dinner and have a little planing session together.
  6. I think that is indeed a problem. The responsibility of the reviewer should end with the commit and after that, the responsibility of maintaining the patch should lie with the person submitting the patch. Of course, people can also disappear, but being afraid of that will continue to be a huge blocker. People submitting a patch should state if they can't do the follow-up maintenance so that the team will know what to expect, and the team can of course not assume anything when there's a new contributor. I guess the thing here is to find a balanced way of dealing with the risk of new/regression
  7. I think if borg can improve balancing now and he is willing and able to spend the time, that's a great idea. Changing core mechanics takes time, and it will make the game more interesting to play in the meantime. So, even if everything will change again in the future, the effort will not be wasted.
  8. Is it time to have a separate sub-forum for this? We have been getting a sizeable number of reports recently and they can appear anywhere on the forum. It might make it easier for moderators to monitor if it was all in the same place. @Hannibal_Barca @user1, what do you think? Good idea/bad idea?
  9. It could help if proposed patches were available as branches. This way, people who are a bit less techy but really good at testing and breaking stuff could help with that part of the review without having to learn how to apply patches, while people who know the code can look at the code itself. Going down this route has really helped us at Widelands - we have some people in our community who don't know any C++ but are really good at testing. This both increased the quality of the reviews and freed up developers' time.
  10. Agreed. This is also common practice for most software projects, and British English can always be added as a translation, as has been done on Transifex for 0 A.D.. The only project that I have come across so far that uses en_GB as a source language is phpBB, and I translate a lot of projects.
  11. If your machine is fast enough, you could installing an easy to use distribution like Linux Mint as a virtual machine - programs to do that are VMWare or Virtualbox. The programs might also be available in MSys, which is basically an Arch Linux that will run under Windows and is a lot more lightweight.
  12. There are 2 Linux command line tools that you can use, pngcrush and optipng.
  13. I originally joined the team as a translator and ended up learning C++ and managing the project.
  14. Widelands Build 20 Released The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Widelands Build 20. Widelands is a free, cross-platform economy strategy game in which players control the fate of a small tribe that can grow into a big empire, in a style of play that is unique in the open source world. Since the previous release, we have implemented over 400 features, code cleanups and bug fixes. Build 20 features a new tribe – the Frisians – as well as four new campaign scenarios and a new “Barracks” building for recruiting soldiers. Also, the AI has
  15. How about adding them to the Transifex glossary with a note where Translators comments can't be added in the source code? It can get problematic when terms like "Speed" are used for healing speed, building speed, moving speed... those might need different translations in some languages. If we should get bug reports for those, we could add a gettext.h file and then use the pgettext function.
  16. Actually, I expect it would get worse - if people can see the mess, it's easier for them to help make it better.
  17. Yep. Basically, everybody who posted to these threads would need to agree to publish them.
  18. Since LordGood has been working on trees, Xylem would fit very nicely
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