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Found 22 results

  1. Like AoE series can be nice have our brand units. based in SCI fi or mythology even in Pre historic creatures. We are discussed this, but I don't found properly post. and Alexander enjoy design all type things May be based in toys, after all the cobra vehicle from AoE don't look like a toy? This an example Orva simple militar vehicle.
  2. https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/understanding-the-z-layout-in-web-design--webdesign-28 This applies other kind of dewing focus inbred or information The premise of the Z-Layout is actually pretty simple: super-impose the letter Z on the page. Place the items that you want the reader to see first along the top of the Z. The eye will naturally follow the path of the Z, so the goal is to place your "call to action" at the end. All along the path you can include bits of information that build up to the call-to-action. Let's take a look at the diagram: This post marks the first in a series where we’ll be examining the wide variety of layout paradigms that exist in the world of web design. The goal: to better understand why you might choose one layout concept over another. In this series, we'll also be looking at the "F" shaped pattern, the open layout, and some out of the box layouts that are sure to give you some great ideas. Attaining a better grasp of how different layouts can change user behavior is one of the central principles of the creating an effective user experience. : Notice that we've numbered the key points along the path - these represent the order in which a reader is likely to view the page content. Let's see how this translates to an actual layout: Now let's overlay the Z-Diagram on top of the layout: Simple, right? There's certainly nothing complicated about this layout - but it quickly and effectively moves the eye from Point 1 to Point 4 in a logical order - concluding with a powerful call to action. There's still a few things that we can do to spice this layout up though... so let's add a few things to the design: Background separation to focus the eye movement inside the framework of our design. A styled logo to grab the user's attention at point #1. A colorful "sign up" button at point #2: this will reinforce the desired eye movement. A Featured Image Slider in the center of the page: this will separate the top section of the design from the bottom, and facilitate eye movement downward. Icons at point #3 and along the bottom axis: this will encourage "title scanning" as the eye moves to the call to action. A big "call to action" at point #4 - thanks to the new background separation, this feature should stand out more. Here you can see that the new "sign up" button in the navigation stands out more; The "slider" that we've added to the leaderboard area helps keep the user's attention within the center of the frame; The 2 icons next to the blocks of content in Point 3 also help to make them a bit more visually interesting. Again - this stuff is simple as it can be, but simple can be good when it comes to website design! You can layers in complexity as you please, but don't overlook the power of a simple, effective layout. Why it Works The Z-Layout certainly doesn't need to be the final concrete solution for all sites, but as I mentioned before, it's often a great jumping off point for any design project because it tackles the 4 of the big principles of an effective design: Branding Hierarchy Structure A Call to Action It works because most Western readers will scan a site the same way that they would scan a book - top to bottom, left to right. From this simple foundation you can pretty much go anywhere: Add multiple calls to action, shrink the height of the Z, extend it, do whatever you'd like that makes sense to the goal of the site. Let's take a look at a few great site designs that use the Z-Layout as the basic structure. One thing you'll want to note in these examples is how the z-layout is able to adapt. The Call to Action may not always be the same (some sites may want to drive you to their portfolio more than they want to you "Sign Up"); the content along the path may look markedly different than our example. The thing to notice is how the storytelling aspect is carried across: 1, 2, 3, Action! By moving the eye along the Z-Path, the chances that a viewer will end up doing what you want them to do is increased. While you view these examples, try to find the Z-path that the designer wants you to follow. Examples of the Z-Layout in Action Evernote looks complex at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals a z-path ending with the "download" button. Much simpler, the Daina Reed site delivers a couple quick bits of information, then prompts a "Get in Touch" action. The path on CodeMonkey starts at the logo and ends on "Get Started". It's a bit harder to see here because of the duo-chrome palette, but the z-layout creates the general framework. This example ends with a bright, bold price tag. Probably one of the clearest uses of the Z-Layout, the Blue Acorn design hits each point along the path. Campaign Monitor's design mixes up the layout, but the 1, 2, 3, 4 steps are all intact. Caveats Worth Mentioning It's important to note that the Z-Layout isn't the only layout paradigm that's out there. Heck, there are about as many layouts as there are letters in the alphabet. The Z-Layout is one of the principle layouts because it's so simple to use as a foundation, but you'll always want to trust your instincts when it's time to make a final layout decision. ...Regardless of any specific layout design, viewers are more likely to first look at the biggest, brightest, and most highly contrasted elements on a page. There have been a bunch of interesting studies done on eye-tracking that suggest trying to predict eye-movement across a website is about as erratic as sending 1,000 kids into a candy store. Several studies have also shown that the "F" shaped layout (which we'll be reviewing next in this series) is more effective at controlling a viewer's eye movement across a page. The simple truth is that, regardless of any specific layout design, viewers are more likely to first look at the biggest, brightest, and most highly contrasted elements on a page. Keep this in mind; if your goal is to guide a viewer through the Z-Layout, don't give them any more opportunity to be distracted along the way than they already have. Where the Z-Layout truly shines is in design projects where simplicity and a call-to-action are the most important principles. Trying to force a Z-Layout on a complicated content structure probably won't work well, but allowing the Z-pattern to form a framework for a very basic site can bring a sense of order that can help increase your conversion rate. Check out the "F" shaped pattern post!
  3. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    I posted more in somewhere in eyecandy topic.
  4. art textures for everyone.

    I mean for modding and the game itself dark color marble. darkmarble.psd
  5. new background and art

    I need create new background but with renders instead that photo, but need be similar. and as inspiration of Aoe I.
  6. Some props like romans heroes are missing. we have Claudius Marcellus.
  7. New head mesh

    I made the head like the one's i posted before from scratch using as reference the other head, but made it with less polygons also i adapted the uv's to match the actual head textures, but it stills need eyes textures. and the hair/beard could be made apart for make it look more realistic. @stanislas69 @wackyserious
  8. Hi guys!!! I come here to discuss a change in the interface of the units / constructions. It's something that has bothered me a lot, for several reasons. You need to leave your mouse over icon for some time, until important information is shown, and even then they are confusing, have poor allocation, letters are small and not have icons. It sounds like something unimportant but it is not, in some other rts games, when you evolve your drives, the drive model also changes, so you know that drive is upgraded, and you take care of it. At 0 A.D this does not happen, so you can not tell if the drives are upgraded, you need to click them, leave the mouse on the icon for some time, and then you can see a lot of confusing information. What I would like to see is something like this: It's something simple and clean, just with a few icons, showing, atack/armors/atackrang. Of course a few more things can be added, and also, the other information does not have to be taken, they can stay where they are. This way it is much easier to see and you do not waste time looking for the information you need. I have seen some players complaining about losing fights and only then did they see that the enemy units were much stronger. And I dare you to say, that some players do not know that this information exists, because they have never tried to leave the mouse over the icon. Age of empires 2 is just one of the good examples we have, it does not have to be identical. What do you guys think? He gave his opinions and suggestions. Tnx
  9. I found some to take inspiration.
  10. A good starting point would be adding the armour of the legs and trump in the elephant skin texture, and then do the armour of the right side of the texture with gold/bronze plating. Useful textures; binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\skeletal\maur_elephant_hero.png binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\skeletal\maur_elephant_siege.png References: Here are some tips in how to make textures in Blender by rendering!
  11. Needs to be for 2 passengers, anchor for 4 horses. Just the chariot no horses. Bonus: textures for the two units in the first image: Hey! here is some help in how to create textures in Blender!
  12. I've successfully made some props in blender and exported to 0ad but I'm running into trouble with skeletal meshes. First I import a collada file (in this case it's "mods/public/art/meshes/skeletalf_tights.dae", which i renamed "humantest.dae" and it works fine). I check "import units" when I import. Then I export. I have tried checking different boxes, but I always get very grotesque deformities including backwards props. mostly the guy has extremely stretched out bones and sometime inverted joints (i can upload pictures). The animations still work. I'm sure this is a simple fix but I've read the tutorials and examined the .dae files and haven't yet noticed the thing that's causing the deformities. What am I missing? I appreciate any advice or resources y'all can offer. thanks Sean EDIT sorry if this belongs in another section. you may move it if thats better.
  13. Default assets

    defaul iron/monochrome shield. Use this for mods, or for gaming, dont forget give thank you. -Lion
  14. Pureon art style, I'm not sure what techniques he is using... even he ask to new artist developers if can imitate this style. Style very close or similar to AoE3 . I need community help to take this.
  15. Little visual issue

    As artist I found a issue in the messages and GUI with some player color. some player color are dark so the contrast with the own outline is bad. example Dark red, blue, and Dark Gray aren't work/contrasting with Black outline, but work with Yellow(the actual yellow is a light color). and even its worse when are over the default stone black texture
  16. I thought it could be interesting to stream in twitch.tv while I'm doing Art stuff for the game. Since art dev is open, I couldn't think anything as open as that As I'll be working on art stuff, streaming does not take extra effort, so if anyone's interested I'll be streaming here: www.twitch.tv/exmanko I'll be announcing here when there will be streaming sessions and the topic of them. The hours of the streams will be dictated by my work schedule though. If people gets interested we could schedule live tutorials on how to add assets for 0AD, ao baking, actor creation etc. Recorded streams: https://www.twitch.tv/exmanko/videos/all
  17. MinMod

    How To Play update or downgrade 0 A.D. to fit the requirements of the mod version you want to play download the .zip file of the desired MinMod version extract it to <0 A.D. installation folder>\binaries\data\mods run 0 A.D. and navigate from the main menu to Tools & Options → Mod Selection (select the mineral mod entry in the upper field) → Enable → Start Mods start a new single player game with a supported map ************************************************** VERSION 0.2 ************************************************** ************************************************** VERSION 0.1 ************************************************** ********************************************** ANNOUNCEMENT **********************************************
  18. I found this in a weblog about this, is some commercial stuff but basic to improve drawing special color, shadow and some advanced. If you know use gimp you can try it. It's not Photoshop exclusive Source: http://cgcookie.com/concept/cgc-courses/citizen-christmas-present/ Even they are in Deviant art.
  19. ok I want share here some OST, screenshots, pics and all about History and Ancient times.