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  1. Hi everybody, A bit of a follow up of an old question about how to resize an unit. I'm trying to rescale an existing animation file but every time I end up with weird results. I open it in maya, resize it all, export dae, then re-import in blender to apply the change and re-export in a 0ad readable format. But the end result is all stretched out, even though the animation itself looks fine in blender (though if I try to reimport it once more, it's all weird. Even though it still looks fine in Maya). Anybody got a methodology to reisze animations ? I'm pretty sure this is possible because I managed it once with a previous work, but impossible to remember how. Thank you in advance
  2. Yeah that's what I'm trying right now ^^ I think it might be the best solution EDIT : Alright ! Seems to be working !
  3. Thanks for the answer ! @Stan` There are no animations associated with the actor file yet, only the mesh. The issue starts with blender itself but I think it's the same idea, the scaling isn't supported. Either that or it's an import/export issue between maya and blender. Starting to think it would be easier to just redo the all thing, as time consuming as it would be.
  4. Hi there ! Me again begging for help =P So here is my headache... I've prepared a new unit by rescaling and modifying an existing one. I did all of that on maya. But, once I try to export it to blender (to then re-export it so 0ad can use it), the scale reset to what the original unit was. I haven't found a way to go around this, every try ending up with either the rig, the model or something not being the correct size. I join the dae file after coming out of maya (so the right size). Once opened in blender it becomes man-sized once again, instead of giant. But it stays the right size if re-opened in maya. This is driving me nuts @@" Any idea how to work around that ? I can't imagine how much of a nightmare it's gonna be once I start animating too. daltus_crayk.dae
  5. There is a special capture component ? That mean you'd have to add the capturable component to all units though. I imagined a unit that (again, aoe rip off) use conversion as a ranged attack. Instead of dealing damage to an unit it steals it after a couple of seconds of 'attack'.
  6. Yes I'm working on a submob for Hyrule Conquest; adding a couple of extra factions but struggling for certain mechanics we have in mind. And thanks for the conversion ^^ I will look into that ! EDIT : If I understand you can set some units to be capturable but not give the ability to convert to specific units ? (like the priest in AoE)
  7. Hi again ! Here to ask more questions ! I would like to create a unit that can spawn with either a spear, a sword or a mace, which mean different damage types and different actors (though I suppose it would be possible to create a single actor for all three). Is there a way to do this at the moment ? I didn't succeed in using variant in a template but it might just be stupidity. I thought of creating 4 templates (1 base and 1 for each version) and have a random version be picked when the unit if trained. But I have no idea how to do such a thing either. (While I am at it, is there a way to convert ennemy units ? (think wololo))
  8. Quick update (sorry for the double post) Same result with 3ds. BUT the error message disappears with Blender so that's seems to indeed be the issue. What I now have is this unholy abomination of hell. But that's my export which is screwing up (Once exported the rig is a 90° compared to the mesh). I will study blender export more. EDIT : Fixed the 90° thing, still get the zora from hell °^°' EDIT AGAIN : Alright ! Finally managed ! Just needed a blender plugin for better dae exports. Thanks again everyone !
  9. Thanks for the post limit and the answer. And if the problem comes from Maya that would explain the struggle for sure >>" I will try redoing it with Blender or 3dsMax, see if that solves everyting. Thanks for the help !
  10. I did some extra checks after taking all that into account (changing the animations used etc...) Aaaand I think I found the issue. Seems like the rig, while present, isn't connected to the mesh anymore in my re-exported file. Which I assume makes it non-existent for 0ad. So I re-expored again with a few changes and now the rig works as intended in maya (added the file). Good. But 0Ad now tells me this With the mesh not showing up at all. Probably a Maya/export settings issue. jdr_kelpie.dae
  11. Thanks for the answer ^^ Oh so it might be precisely because I re-use the existing mesh that it does this ? Right now I didn't touch the animation dae, only the static mesh for the unit.
  12. Hi there, Newbie trying to take on modding. Right now I'm just trying to add custom units to Hyrule Conquest for @#$% and giggles before expanding on new stuff. But I'm having issues with exporting rigged models. I managed to import non-rigged meshes and have use them (thanks for the guide and tips on the discord btw, very helpful ^^). Things get more messy with rigged ones. As a start I'm only using models and animations already present in the mods, so I at least know that the problems doesn't come from the model itself. I created a new actor and template and setup everything. In the case, it's Mipha's model, just recolored and using a Zora's set of animations. The skeleton matches. If I copy paste the original Mipha's meshes .dae and point to it, it works fine (there is a small animation glitch with the tail but overall the unit works as intended). But if I open the .dae on Maya, re-export it without modification, and then point to that new file in the actor, I get this If I understood correctly there should be a xml file for each skeleton ( created using the convertor), but I couldn't find where to point out to that file. And regardless, shouldn't it work anyway since it the same Zora Skeleton already used elsewhere (unless I must change something in the dae file itself ?) ? Or is it something I'm doing wrong with the export ? Here is my setup in the attached files, if it's of any help I also added the dae file generated. Sorry to ask for assistance. I've been going in cricle with that for a few days now and I can't see myself addind my own stuff if I struggle with already made one T T'
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