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Found 7 results

  1. Hey folks, Per the #1997 ticket , starting a thread for the gharial. ---------------------------------------------- Model The crocodile as in source blend as a comparaison. Triangle count of 507. Waiting approval. ---------------------------------------------- Texturing: Not being able for now to procedural texture the animals given the need for high detail on low poly, I decal photo texture into the lp model. So I prefer to wait for model approval to have as little as possible deformation in the texture. Question: I found some nice images on a websi
  2. Hi everybody, A bit of a follow up of an old question about how to resize an unit. I'm trying to rescale an existing animation file but every time I end up with weird results. I open it in maya, resize it all, export dae, then re-import in blender to apply the change and re-export in a 0ad readable format. But the end result is all stretched out, even though the animation itself looks fine in blender (though if I try to reimport it once more, it's all weird. Even though it still looks fine in Maya). Anybody got a methodology to reisze animations ? I'm pretty sure this is possible because I
  3. An updated version of this guide is available on the Wiki. Introduction This is a guide covering how to export and set up animation files from Blender3D into 0AD as well as some tips and general guidelines for get the animations working in 0AD. The Blender3D version used for this guide is 2.65a newer versions might have problems with the Collada exporter. Last blender version (2.69) works fine for exporting animations. Animations have three main requeriments in order to get them working in 0AD. These are: 1.- The file with the mesh and armature (COLLADA file) 2.- The file(s) with the di
  4. Facebook now allows to add short videos instead of a static image in the banner. Example: https://www.facebook.com/exorstudios/ From what I have read (I am not 100% sure of these details), it can be 20-90 seconds long and should be at least 820x312 pixels (but maybe Facebook resizes the video to fit the banner dimensions). I just think that you could also add a nice battle video on your https://www.facebook.com/play0ad/ page. PS: avatars can also be (7 seconds) animated GIFs.
  5. I suggest d this the first time a test the game, but now borg- have reason.
  6. Hi Everyone, I tried to modify one of the existing old meshes and apply it to the old armature. I wanted to make the tunic longer, but not as long as the dress. It works when I load an animation, but when I export to 0 A.D. it appears deformed. My Process: 1) Import old 0 A.D. mesh --> I used m_hero 2) delete armature 3) modify mesh 4) export collada 4) open new .blend 5) load existing animation --> I used spear attack 6) delete mesh for animation 7) load modified mesh, delete all vertex groups 8) apply modified mesh to armat
  7. When i'm playing 0AD "Alpha 14 Naukratis" for RFremix repositories "Fedora equivalent", almost all elephants don't have animations, the "unanimated" elephants are: * Norafrican Bush Elephant * Baby Elephant * Mauryan Archer Elephant * Mauryan Champion Elephant. And the death of the Mauryan Archer Elephant and the Mauryan Champion Elephant are equal to the "death of the buildings"
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