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Found 6 results

  1. I mean for modding and the game itself dark color marble. darkmarble.psd
  2. The Assyrians can train Scythian horse archers. The Scythian horse archer are champion units. The Scythian horse archer shoot only when forward facing. However, as far as I know the Scythian horse archer where able to shoot backwards: http://www.warriorsfortheworkingday.com/ScythianHorseman.htm I am not really sure historically, if they where able to shoot backwards. Maybe, somebody else can find historical sources regarding the matter.
  3. Proposal for Aristeia Hello team developers , players and contributors, I want diversify Aristeia gameplay, using other mods. - I ask to @Wowgetoffyourcellphone if I can use some of Delenda est code to our game. The included changes will be - can build storehouses and farmsteads outside territory but they lost health ( Delenda est) - have temple bonus heal nearby units with visual aura (Delenda est) -have Lordgood wheat farms ( Ponies Ascendants) -have Lion's basic tech tree ( see the link. http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19468&hl=lion) as default for every culture. -implement basic units for Minoans and Mycenaeans a unit with a dagger( Minoans) , short-swordsman, archer, spearman, hoplite and spearman cavalry My next changes in Aristeia will be: New icons to the buildings New textures for Minoans and Mycenaeans @niektb we can add this to task to Git Hub, what you think?
  4. Ok, I open this topic as you request Stan. all greek shields with Ptolemies symbols and thureos shields are inaccurated to NK Egytians. I'll post captures soon.
  5. How mods can add new sounds variations, i mean file and differentiate from other, example I want add a sound for New phase reached. and actually tech reach and phase reach are same, how i can differenciate and put the new one in my Aristeia Mod.
  6. The Egyptian faction has two undetected structures: * Storehouse, and i can't garthe resources on barracks, noly on, dock and civ centre * Blacksmith
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