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Found 3 results

  1. For my mod, Mare Nostrum, I'm trying to make a "Government Center" for each faction. For the Romans I've chosen the Comitium. The Comitium was part of the Roman Forum. It served as an open-air meeting place for the Curiate assembly and other popular assemblies during the Republic. It was located in front of the Curia, the meeting place of the Senate. Many different Curiae were built over the course of the Republic and Empire, but I'd like to use the Curia Hostilia in particular. The Comitium actor should consist of a circular tile platform in the middle plus four surrounding props. I've made a very rough model of how the props should be placed: i Here's a rundown of the props: Curia Hostilia: The Curia Hostilia was a very simple structure, basically a square house with a triangular attic. At the front it had a small bronze doorway with a small window above. Each side had two small windows near the roof. It looked very similar to the Carthaginians' "Italic Embassy", but without the Portico in front. It should be roughly the same size as the Athenian Prytaneion, but with a square footprint. The Prytaneion has a radius of 16 meters, so the Curia should be 32 x 32 meters at the base. Rostra: The Rostra should be based on the Rostra Vetera. The Rostra should curve around the perimiter of the Comitium, like seats in a theater. At the top should be a platform equal in depth to the steps (this was where politicians would speak during assemblies). The outside should be lined with a series of small arches. On the side furthest from the Curia there should be a narrow tower with a triangular roof, only slightly taller than the Rostra platform. The Rostra should be no taller than half the height of the Curia. Graecostasis: The Graecostasis will be a simple rectangular tile platform, with a couple steps leading onto it. It should be much shorter than the Rostra. Columna Maenia: A typical Roman honorary column, in the Corinthian style. One of the columns from the front of the existing Roman cc should do nicely (without the statues on top). Some pictures for reference: The Curia Hostilia The Rostra Vetera The Graecostasis The Column of Phocas (the Columna Maenia wouldn't have looked very different) A map of the Comitium (disregard all Curiae other than the Curia Hostilia, outlined in red). A map of the Roman Forum during the Republic, Comitium at the top-center. Locations of the Curia, Rostra, and Columna Maenia labelled. The overall structure should have the same have the same footprint as a greek theater (circular, with a radius of 25 meters). The Curia should be placed under art/actors/structures/romans, since it could be used as a structure in its own right; the other props should be placed under art/actors/props/structures/romans, as usual.
  2. If someone would like to tackle the challenge, it would be great to have the Pantheon in Rome added to the game (perhaps as part of a group of wonders for a possible "Capture the Wonder" game mode). For DE I'd like to use it for Augustus' wonder (I'm able to change wonders and other things based on who you choose as a hero). Shape. Statuary along the roofline and in the pediment. Bronze Rooftiles. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mozaik 3D replica. https://us.mozaweb.com/en/Search/global?search=pantheon
  3. Several bugs and Reports Check attach files. 1Pathfinder Issues see the screenshots this last image confirm, at last in my replay there is not a bug with spear cavalry about hitting deers, but there are a bug, because the unit don't back to continuing gathering. 2 Roman Hastati don't have wooden tower in their GUI 3 if You replay last minutes the priest is idle but is moving to other point commands.txt
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