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  1. Thanks for the votes, it just get updated and alpha 18 will be in Ubuntu 15.04!
  2. If you want to see Alpha 18 in Ubuntu 15.04, you may vote (mark that it affects you) and comment here. (Unrelated, you may also want to do the same with Unknown Horizons game here).
  3. STUNTMAN (Apache 2.0) has the same compatibility state of gloox (GPLv3): they are compatible when the whole game is released under GPLv3(+), not if the game would be GPLv2 only. Also STUNTMAN should only be useful when gloox is used and then the GPLv3(+) option is already implied, so it won't add any new practical limitation.
  4. If it can be useful there is also a wikipedia page (as well as other wikipedia linked pages) for that.
  5. 0 A.D. has a tool to import models from spring: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/source/tools/springimport https://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=23811
  6. For reference roads were discussed here.
  7. It would be nice if territory borders would also be disabled when using alt+g.
  8. Nice map. You may also want to have a look here.
  9. Also it would be nice if you can post some screenshots .
  10. bog_dan_to added etc2 texture compression, it requires GL ES 3.0, it's available on nexus 7 2013 but not on 2012. I suppose eventually GL ES 2.0 + etc2 should be enough (supposing there is hardware doing it), but GL ES 2.0 chipset are probably too slow to run 0ad (according to bog_dan_do it's slow on GL ES 3.0 chipset also).
  11. Do you have a Nexus 7 2012 or 2013? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Google_Nexus_tablets Only the latter has OpenGL ES 3.0 and is able to run 0 A.D..
  12. Open configuration panel -> App -> 0 A.D.: it will says the installed version.
  13. @WhiteTreePaladin: bog_dan_ro quote from IRSC some days ago on using logcat: I tried the new version from Google Play on my Nexus 7 with Android 5.0.2: uploading technical feedback apparently succeeds now; the interface is no longer scaled (that caused overlapping buttons); I noticed it now installs with an OBB file; I was able to connet to the lobby and chat (the keyboard get activated when required); opening web links pressing the menu buttons still doesn't work; when the keyboard is removed from the screen the Android 3-buttons menu bar stays active hiding the bottom of the screen;
  14. Hi, if someone is interested in testing, bog_dan_ro uploaded an updated android apk + mod and public mods zip here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2996#comment:45 Install the apk, start it and it should create some empty dirs in sdcard. Locate 0ad/appdata/data/mods dir and copy the two zips inside it in mod/mod.zip and public/public.zip The game should then be able to run. Note: the game requires OpenGL ES 3.0 to run. For bog_dan_do: I tried your latest packages and can confirm the same issues I got with the archive I built myself on my Nexus 7, reported at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/
  15. Lion, I think the Ponies mod is compatible only with alpha16.
  16. I would suppose you added an aura with 0 radius on the texture?
  17. I can see bug #1368 on the first image: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1368
  18. Eventually I think there should be a generalized way to paint ring of various type: aura, but for example also min and max firing range. They should be able to be set automatically, without specifying a texture, this would be a lot easier to manage (i.e. no need to modify XML files, just use settings already available in every unit for size, using a different color for type). See for example these that were generated using little textures that can be placed on the border of a big ring: Also for aura there should be a way to detect if a unit is really influenced by the aura, this is especial
  19. It would probably be easier to add again the door, rather than adding the interiors which will be barely visible and add polygons...
  20. I think that it make sense. On that unexplored area there could be some obstruction you cannot see (e.g. enemy army).
  21. Ticket #3013: this type of map should need an improved match setup interface, where the player cannot change the AI, the player, disable it on multiplayer and maybe also disable some other settings. Currently one can also play with the Bandits and other player .
  22. I got a couple of warnings while playing it: WARNING: 6WARNING: 8Probably unrelated to this map commands.txt which can reproduce them is attached anyway. commands.txt
  23. Good! I updated the third post with my suggestions!
  24. As reported on ticket #2630, some building decorative textures flicker when they are overlapped on the same plane of the main texture. See for example this decorative texture on Ptolemaic CC: A couple of carpet texture in Persian CC were fixed in r15700. A third carpet still needs a fix (see here). The Ptolemaic CC decorative textures should also be fixed (probably all textures should be checked). A second issue, already discussed in ticket #2876, is the unique aspect of this variant of the Celt tower: While the other variant and all other civ tower
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