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  1. Do they have an special helmet i could do for them for attach the mask properly?
  2. For helmets @wowgetoffyourcellphone this may be suittable for your mod i belive thought none of the helmets were made having this one in mind before.
  3. Haven't finished yet with helmets , (Neither with animations but i want to clear my mind a lil bit before continuing if stan manages to export elehpants animations back to blender). I've got this from the art repo units/concep_Art: The name of the file says "Bactrian_lancer_ult_Fin" plus the reference itself: @Sundiata would it be possible to have another hair like texture like the one you did for the horses, but this time i 512x128 for long hair whitout alpha space ? would work for have at least a better hair like shader for the plumes of every civ (and mabye crest) (For end with the reference):
  4. Hello 0.A.D. Community is time to give some love to persians due the recent changes to other civ assets, even when they have the most detailed cavalry assets, their infantry assets like helmets and shields are pretty much outdated. Its time for some persian love... Starting with the recent changes to chamfrons: And this new helmet (Missing Plume): Texture of the helmet is 1024 for have a cleaner bake due the amount of detail: Plus the new neckguard, Thought the iron bake went a lil bit darker than supposed to be. If any1 find references for the conical helmets, feel free to post'em here it would help me to properly find their conical helmets.
  5. By shuttle speed you mean when they carry resources or standard speed every time?
  6. In balance terms thats bug exploit of a broken balance , but no one complains about that because no one really compare or notice walking speed.
  7. He said is feel more realistic now: Is more weird a villager to Zoom all over the map, Stamina should really be implemented to nerf this kinda of "zoom" infantry, making walk as a proper human. Walking would be the default and toggle run would make infantry drain stamina making skirmisher drain stamina slower than a hoplite or pikeman. Also is kinda broken compared to the resource gathering thing i've mentioned before, having 100 gathereres skirmishers are way better than 100 hoplites.
  8. Yes, they now use running instead of "jog" for have a more human-speed realistic animation.
  9. No idea, but maybe we can apply the same we use for square formations (fill from center) wich distributes the less powerfull infantry to the middle.
  10. Continuing my experiment with the new wood material:
  11. Proposa: New formation! Can be considered as an special formation for persians sparabara + archers?
  12. Carefull with that, you can burn your video chipset and leave your motherboard useless (happend to my aunt pc's). Blend file of barrel: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L6GmEOG-HiuV_NE76ngIkrKT7YB3_h4P Editing normal map reducing opacity for have an inversed height in the cover:
  13. i leaved only syntagma to macedonians (the ones actually using it) didn't realized every civ has the formation enabled. I will commit a patch with every pikeman having syntagma variant files.
  14. Imagine how it would be having a GPU. I would experiment further if the preview was as fast as tutorials, they can previsualize every micro change in seconds while for me it takes minutes. Also baking the texture in 2k or 4k size gives even better results when resizing and a sharper look but that as other things require a proper GPU, at least a GTX 1000+. Cool that you have also a HD4000, maybe i can post a blender file just to press bake or F12 for Screen render like enrique's did in his tutorial for scales or wood if you want to experiment changing colors, scales, shapes etc.
  15. So i've spent most of the day doing this (because my pc is crappy and don't have gpu but just an Intel HD4000 and every render is 30 mins long and preview is 30 seconds per frame): Experimenting with my base material for helmets and ships, plus another tutorial i've watched + everything i've learned so far. A fully zipped material into this: And this is how it looks inside: A WHOLE DAY FOR A SINGLE BARREL! Yes, thats how much it takes for my pc to experiment with materials. Plus this i've baked for the persians: Missing if desired the lower player color zone:
  16. 1 can be done similar to javelin. 2. It would work if we have something to make the fishing ship attach to the croc or whale. Otherwise we will just have a choping water animation so at least for now not possible. 3. This could be done too.
  17. Thats how they work, they sill will spin around suddendly, also clicking twice the formation makes them take the proper position/animation. And looking DE tons of actors are just a copy of SVN
  18. Yep, they were the old armature so they weren't usefull
  19. Will take a look tmw, today i spent the day looking new procedural materials tutorials.
  20. @wowgetoffyourcellphone can you confirm this is working both in svn and your mod?
  21. Thanks for the testing as always @gameboy this bug was weird to me because i didn't named the files fisherman_x so i had to look where it was being called the old armature animations. It was the "Base" fisherman variant in the biped/fisherman folder i took this opportunity to remove from the game the old bodies and actors of the fishermans too.
  22. You can use them, by appending. (i use intel HD Graphics be sure to update your drivers) but with the DxDiag i can see the graphic chipset of your processor is too low for 2.80
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