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  1. Ive started playing warcraft in PS1 Tides of darkness, i have no arguments but just to enjoy anything that comes hahahaha
  2. @Angen its one of my first ever done animations for the game, im thinking on Redone the whole siege animation starting from the ballista armature (wich was one of the biggest pain to sync with units) to give more timing and realism to the lever pulling motion being more natural, however im not sure how this could affect gameplay.
  3. Orc Models Side by Side: Undead Models Side by Side: Night Elf models Side by Side: Human Models Side by Side:
  4. Why elephsnts are allowed to Garrison on towers ? Is that usual ? I mean does that happen all the time with Al defense towers.
  5. Don't worry i totally forgot about it too, i was cleaning most of my files and committing the ones left behind. Theres no rush im free this week until i get inspiration to start working in another shield or something else. Next one could be Iberian shields.
  6. @Stan` Horse file Updated 18/11/2019: 0.A.D Horse.blend.7z Elephant File Updated 18/11/2019: 0.A.D Elephant.blend.7z
  7. Replaced asian elephant mesh with african forest mesh on carthage faction.
  8. @Stan` hope you don't mind i will change with the new archers firing animations the bow armature with something like Bow_ and generic for all bow weapons for avoid duplications and mistakes of same bone names with any other new armature from any other artist.
  9. If people nowadays can get scared easily by a Pitbull (i had one wich died recently and he scared any1 who came to my home) why not an Elephant? Wish we had an Out of Control behavior wich gets triggered by loss of morale or scared by any other fauna animals like Lions or Crocodiles.
  10. @Stan` have a look at the file, including most of the ones we have + the one i've done. If i'll keep doing more i will be uploading updated files consequently: 0.A.D Body Meshes And Animations.blend.7z
  11. Template sounds better, for RPG element's such as Shrinking skills (Imagine mario mushrooms) will be needed maybe Hyrule conquest could use it already. Visual actor will mean it will be restricted to the own actor making it annoying and going for duplications for changes on scale. Even if its possible to reduce work instead of default scale size go for a ScaleRatio.
  12. if we can scale units wich uses armatures, any other meshes wich doesn't will be easier.
  13. Exactly, making archers cheaper for mass train, weaker in defenses making cavalry more valuable for cut the arrow volley before getting too much damage from them while aiming for realism. A single archer wouldn't do too much harm unless he is Hawkeye from Marvel or the Native American from the 7 magnifecents. Look at the athen ranged champion or cleopatra archer and you'll see the huge realism/gameplay breach that we have in archers repeat time just like exist with cavalry spearman attacking in slowmo.
  14. Yeah, you conviced me with Scaling. Go for it!
  15. What are the advantages of using GLTF2 ?
  16. "Walk speed and run speed" if that is implemented and Goes well, 0.A.D have been wrong this whole time by not using running .
  17. Trying to change Attack ranged_Bow animation for remove the annoying foot going back constantly like dancing while shooting: came up with this: Ingame: (Obivously requiring some adjusments in the variant timers and bow animation adjusments wich i was planning to do in any case to generalize the bow armature instead of single animations per bow) Comparisson: NEW: OLD: That backstep on the right foot, goes constantly over and over and over and over wich breaks pretty much the visual.
  18. @borg- what are your thoughts on making archers stronger but with a longer attack repeat timer taking around 10 or 15 seconds to aim + the rest of the animation in realistic human speed reducing attacking speed while increasing piercing damage? At this point from a Realistic view, they are like sharpshooters or guide anti-aircraft missiles aiming and firing in no time. Whitout mentioning the gattling guns of archer champions suchs as athen ranged champion.
  19. MayorceteGaming have quite a few valids points of why isn't bad the saturation (Also offering a desaturated image wich looks pretty realisitc compared to AoE 2 and 3) Also saying the people was asking for unit differentiation in AoE 2 all the time wich is now a point in AoE4, sacrificing gameplay for accuracy wich is what 0.A.D have been done always. Public have been leaving behind competitiveness to Trash games like Fortnite, or for Fast paced combat like Dota LoL. Looking for a more immersive reality beyond gameplay wich involve them in a more depth gameplay instead of just "HEY IM HAVING FUN CRUSHING OVER AND OVER THIS GUY OVER HERE! LOOK HOW HIGH IS MY RANK IN THE CHARTS!" and isn't the first time i've heard about that, another youtuber i've seen (also Venezuelan) have the same perspective on his videos specially this ones Video 1, Video 2. In resume: MayorceteGaming said: Don't compare AoE 4 with fornite, just don't. And people have evolved from competitive to a deep gameplay immersion with realistic accuracy.
  20. Desaturation and darkness of ambience illumination. Vikings serie illumination for example or Game of thrones visual. Spellforge 3 uses the HBO Filter for example. That filter sells well if the game is sad and horror or even RPGS like Pathfinder Kingmaker or Pilars of eternity.
  21. Here MayorceteGaming gives his opinion of why HBO Filter mentioned by @LordGood is bad for game's and why isn't cartoonysh:
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