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  1. Already done, i've been working in some animations and took as example gathering ones (Mostly for recover the practice of bodie animations to start working on this) i have also a Log chopping animation, a new woodcutting, and a foraging/gathering meat. Also, got a stone trowing animation for @wowgetoffyourcellphone made in the file, same as he explained Gather stone from the floor and throw it.
  2. Remember Blender 2.80 only need to export whitout baking so its easier and faster now. Beside i can save a blender file with some basic assets like Tools, some weapons for animations preview.
  3. Most of the work is take back all animations into a new blender file a cleaner one, organize it and export it all over again, including bodies, animations, capes, coifs Copying the animations isn't just import the animations back in the blender file, to copy them we must copy the "Keyframes" from one file, and in the same blender program instance paste them inside the new file. Or could be another way i just thought but haven't tried yet: Since some of the animations are spread by blender files and some of them are kinda annoying to export, Maybe it could work import the animation inside blender, select the mesh and delete the unused 3 extra vertex from the mesh and re export again, Only if it doens't break the animation.
  4. Hello 0.A.D. Community, i open this task for have a log and a workplace for an important fix of the game units meshes. The problem was reported by @fatherbushido: So this is a new space for re-export ALL the infantry animations once again for avoid having problems in any future. The animations will be show with the next schema: Red: Need to export Green: Exported Yellow: New Addition´╗┐ Categories: Gathering Swordsman Spearman Archer Javelinist Crossbowman Halberd/2H Axe Claymore/2H Sword Civilian ... I theres a desired animation add it in this topic so i'll add it to the list. I will made a github repository for keep all the animations in there since i'm constantly moving from my home to another place for always keep a backup and also let the community use the files if theres a new adition. Space reserved for the animation list.
  5. Thats Nice! Could it work with structures too? using height for make tall structures block vision behind them. Example: Infantry can't see whats behind the walls unless they are in a siege tower. Stupid question: if i garrison an archer in a outpost would it increase their FOV by Step 3 or it would just affect when entity is in a hill.
  6. Missed that one, attack_shield_b_cut shouldn't exist.
  7. Looking good! keep it up, i'll have for blender procedural metal shaders in case you could need later fo baking.
  8. Sorry i missed this post, wasn't committed. Its only the frontal area what you need or the full mesh? for reduce the amount of vertex if its necessary.
  9. Sounds good, perphaps use some of the motion of the slinger animation but replace only some frames.
  10. @Genava55 any advice to replace round shields on celtic buildings ?
  11. Mane don't have bones, i know its a thing nowadays to have fluid hair but mane is more a paint over the neck rather than a individual properly rigged hair with gravity physics. Too much high end gaming for a RTS .
  12. Could be, i can say that my variants and blender knowledge today is not the same from two years ago from what i recall started to update the cavalry really outdated since the beginning of the game. That includes knowledge of Vertex distribution for a proper animation, Armature bones placemente for a better transition, Constraits etc. But most important Sculpting high poly and procedural skin shader for bake a higher amount of textures. If the camel is take back to this days it looks gorgeous because its a texture from wikimedia commons with CC.30 baked in a low poly. Well now im working with High poly sculpting to low poly wich makes everything easier when its already sculpted something i couldn't and never have done back in those two years so that shows a better road to the process of updating OR adding new fauna to the game.
  13. Not yet the auroch, the model lacks the vertex amount required to have a proper movement of the bodie with the armature. Im planning a sculpting process for the cattle family to have proper breeds, fauna and higher amount of textures.
  14. Ty, now its fixed. Small bug when exporting with the new blender 2.80 configurations. Comitting fixed ".dae" file soon. Updating milleniumad horses.
  15. Yes, he have to committ the files, since the blackout in my country i coulnd't commit and have always Http 408 request timeout To clarify how the horse textures are now: Horses were used to have different texture per rank, now the actor just change the rider and other visual assets (blankets or armors) don't see any reason why a horse change skins like a snake each time he promotes. I wish it could be a way to make horse keep the initial or basic version texture through rank in case in the future we find a way to make horses remain and infantry dismount. That way Horse is just a "Mount" in game therms instead of a full unit version.
  16. A call to modders! HORSE UPDATE IS IN! i'll be glad to help modders to fix cavalry actors in order to keep in sync your mod version to SVN 24. let me know if need help, actors will be broken since all cavalry were replaced to a new mesh, and replaced textures actors lines for a simplified version of variants.
  17. That helmet really served his purpose lol. Nice work with the textures, lot of units have been updated for alpha 24 i will end having a visual pleasure when it releases.
  18. Then it should be related to the mesh, will look the files for export a new one.
  19. no it haven't been committed yet, unit works in atlas so i don't think it should be related to artwork.
  20. If the infantry has "carthaginian" distinctive assets it could be in the "cart" folder, otherwise its a purely gaul citizen wich also is included in genava design document (Two birds in a single shoot). Theres a mod for thracian faction and there is thracian merc too, so that merc's will end being citizen of thracia faction, handling the actors in batch is easier when the whole faction is gathered in a folder instead of spread in "celt - brit - gaul - cart". Actors should be included in the factions folder Only if it has faction distinctive assets and history. ie: X slave infantry that never was used as military in his homeland.
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