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Hello 0 A.D. friends!

Now that Alpha25 is about to be replaced by the new Alpha 26, I want to share my LocalRatings data from Alpha 25 with you, I believe all of us can benefit from it. Feel free to do the same if you wish so!

I include a picture of my TOP 30. Further, I attach the entire database (JSON format) for those of you who want to see the bigger picture. Since the ratings depend of the user-defined weights and filters, I declare mine: Score Weights -> default; Match filters -> default; Player Filters -> minimum number of games played = 5.



Additional info

  • the forum thread of the LocalRatings mod is here.
  • if you wish to share your entire database as I did, look on your computer for a file named ratingsDatabase.json.


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how does this work? is it based on tg? then just "perceieved skill" of player will dictate that, ie som1 who is perceieved as 1400 but is 1600 will give him wrose team balance overal than if it was opposite. so it may just be that weirdjokes, darkcity, vinme are seen as less skilled than they are, so when game is balanced they are given advanatageous teams. 

also depends im sure on players database, ie whoever they play with more, and whoever playes better when playing with them.

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