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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting


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Offence Reporting

It is necessary for you to create a post on this thread detailing the incident and including the replay file.

When reporting a player, it is mandatory to upload the correct replay.


  1. Locate replay at Main Menu/Multiplayer/Replays
  2. Select replay and note replay file path.
  3. Go to path in your file manager, locate the file named "commands.txt"
  4. Upload commands.txt to the Forums (account creation required)
  5. Tag @user1
  6. Please state your lobby username and the lobby username of the offending player.

You will not be notified of the result automatically, you may view the ongoing status of our progress at the bottom of this first post.

Find more detailed instructions below:


First you will have to find the location on your file system where replays are stored.

The appearance is different on every platform and also the path is different, but the concept is the same.

The way you find this path to the location is by going to the replay selection screen and selecting (highlighting) the replay of the match you want to report. After clicking on a replay, the path will appear near the bottom of the screen. This is a screen shot of what that looks like.


Inside that folder you will find 2 files. I only need commands.txt.

The way you attach a file to the comment/reply/post is by either dragging the file from your file manager to the post, or clicking down where the 'paperclip' is where it says choose files...



Progress Report:

Post Date Poster Name Report URL Replay URL Lobby Name, Reporting Player Lobby Name, Offending Player Status
2022-01-01 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor 101942 Verified 01/19/2022Screenshot_2022-01-19_10-16-26.jpg
2022-01-02 seeh link link seeh todolomeo Verified 01/19/2022Screenshot_2022-01-19_10-19-28.jpg
2022-01-02 Roshan9 link link roshan9 fubar Verified 01/19/2022Screenshot_2022-01-19_10-42-16.jpg
2022-01-04 Vrayer link link vrayer maharabal Verified 01/19/2022Screenshot_2022-01-19_10-26-28.jpg
2022-01-04 Vrayer link link     Ratings Disabled
2022-01-04 Vrayer link link     Ratings Disabled
2022-01-06 patatevolante4 link link paul loreto1 Verified 01/19/2022Screenshot_2022-01-19_10-28-35.jpg
2022-01-06 Dulac link link dulac dcm Verified 01/19/2022Screenshot_2022-01-19_10-29-29.jpg
2022-01-06 Dulac link link dulac rayde Verified 03/15/2022
2022-01-14 vxern link link vxern mymy Verified 03/15/2022Screenshot_2022-03-15_11-35-51.jpg
2022-01-15 Dulac link link dulac princeofrusset Verified 03/15/2022Screenshot_2022-03-15_11-37-30.jpg
2022-01-15 RogerDeFlor link link eldi rogerdeflor Verified 03/15/2022Screenshot_2022-03-15_11-38-10.jpg
2022-01-21 draane link link draane delege88 Verified 03/15/2022Screenshot_2022-03-15_11-40-17.jpg
2022-01-22 spartan299 link link spartan299 pangea Verified 03/15/2022Screenshot_2022-03-15_11-41-49.jpg
2022-01-23 Vrayer link link vrayer pangea Verified 03/15/2022Screenshot_2022-03-15_11-42-13.jpg
2022-01-30 JesterC link link jesterc falizidade Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-34-03.jpg
2022-01-31 Vrayer link link vrayer ranging_botanist Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-35-35.jpg
2022-02-01 Rarius link link rarius_ii 303ufo303 Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-44-30.jpg
2022-02-01 Vrayer link link vrayer 303ufo303 Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-46-02.jpg
2022-02-02 ssg_cheesehead link link ssg_cheesehead 303ufo303 Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-47-35.jpg
2022-02-05 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor dreamliner Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-48-21.jpg
2022-02-11 Beaugoux link link beaugoux pangea Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-49-27.jpg
2022-02-17 Yekaterina link link cousin auxilentmoon Verified 03/16/2022Screenshot_2022-03-17_11-50-01.jpg
2022-02-22 Tacoront link link basiliskos yakita Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-40-56.jpg
2022-02-23 france1_Caramello link link france1_caramello luiskeys11 Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-43-03.jpg
2022-02-23 Pemulis link link pemulis rakshat1 Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-52-17.jpg
2022-02-25 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de proo Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-53-19.jpg
2022-02-28 Tacoront link link basiliskos petreo Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-53-55.jpg
2022-03-02 Beaugoux link link beaugoux yakita Inconclusive
2022-03-08 Pemulis link link pemulis tinker_ Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-56-38.jpg
2022-03-09 Publio2020 link link publio titiboi92 Verified 03/18/2022Screenshot_2022-03-18_10-58-16.jpg
2022-03-10 Tacoront link link basiliskos noo Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-02-44.jpg
2022-03-12 Tacoront link link     Invalid
2022-03-13 marcelusmaximus link link     Ratings Disabled
2022-03-13 Tacoront link link basiliskos atrepar Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-03-40.jpg
2022-03-13 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname basiliskos Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-09-38.jpg
2022-03-13 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname obradovic Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-14-59.jpg
2022-03-13 Beaugoux link link beaugoux reinstalled Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-52-38.jpg
2022-03-14 e.v link link e.v sebinhas Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-54-04.jpg
2022-03-15 e.v link link e.v pangea Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-55-22.jpg
2022-03-16 thephilosopher link link thephilosopher wilsonwilson Verified 03/25/2022Screenshot_2022-03-25_14-55-51.jpg
2022-03-17 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse geschichte Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-11-10.jpg
2022-03-17 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse grosquick Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-11-59.jpg
2022-03-18 zxphxr link link zxphxr barcodes Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-13-46.jpg
2022-03-22 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de atrepar Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-14-25.jpg
2022-03-23 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de gilgames Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-16-05.jpg
2022-03-24 Tacoront link link basiliskos odevoradordeossos Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-17-03.jpg
2022-03-25 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname wolfrahm Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-18-21.jpg
2022-03-25 Beaugoux link link beaugoux chillgame Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-19-05.jpg
2022-03-26 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname greez Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-19-39.jpg
2022-03-27 raffut1969 link link raffut1969 rey_ragnar Verified 03/31/2022Screenshot_2022-03-31_18-20-44.jpg
2022-03-30 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname greez Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-03-30 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname orangebiggie Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-03-30 FoodWoodBlood link link foodwoodblood atrepar Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-03-31 Pemulis link link
  Ratings Disabled
2022-03-31 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname basiliskos Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-01 Pemulis link link pemulis valii Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-03 PyrrhicVictoryGuy link link pyrrhicbozo gboss Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-05 PyrrhicVictoryGuy link link pyrrhicbozo beathoven Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-07 isbara link link isbara hoi Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-07 Sevda link link islan barcodes Invalid
2022-04-07 Emacz link link ezmac shade11 Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-10 Beaugoux link link bougeaux vallier Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-11 AlexanDerGrosse link link alexandergrosse foxooo Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-15 leopard link link leopard__ auxilentmoon Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-16 P.I.D link link p.i.d thomas13012m Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-18 seeh link link seeh nikolozi_20042 Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-20 reba. link link reba. barcodes Verified 05/19/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-21 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname petreo Inconclusive
2022-04-23 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de baber02 Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-04-27 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname blackking Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-01 MR.MICHAEL link link catothercensor hoi Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-02 MR.MICHAEL link link catothercensor basiliskos Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-03 MR.MICHAEL link link catothercensor basiliskos Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-03 marcelusmaximus link link     Ratings Disabled
2022-05-07 1General link link 1general tomislavkranjec Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-11 seeh link link seeh sw_ Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-15 Pemulis link link pemulis hoi Verified 07/25/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-25 reba. link link reba. edoput Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-26 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname elgeneral2510 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-26 Tramite link link basiliskos hokaido Inconclusive
2022-05-28 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor karl2011 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-29 Tramite link link basiliskos tuxmdv Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-30 brucelee link link brucelee patricius_maximus42 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-31 marcelusmaximus link link longsentenceasname peacegame Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-05-31 jegna link link jegna mrcarlos09 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-01 brucelee link link brucelee petreo Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-02 brucelee link link brucelee petreo Duplicate
2022-06-03 brucelee link link brucelee petreo Duplicate
2022-06-03 brucelee link link brucelee fdez Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-03 _buckethead_ link link buckethead trainmove180 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-05 Tramite link link basiliskos loreto1 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-05 _buckethead_ link link buckethead   Incorrect replay
2022-06-06 rossenburg link link defc0n jhag09 Verified 07/26/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-10 LetswaveaBook link link letswaveabook doctororgans Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-10 1General link link 1general nz Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-13 Philadelphia link link philadelphia blackking Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-15 Tramite link link basiliskos kpitenbobzy Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-22 KpiTenBobZy link link kpitenbobzy mamasita11 Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-22 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de erator Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-23 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de fulanodetaldev Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-06-25 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor wolmer Verified 07/27/2022image.jpeg
2022-07-23 0xD3C0.de link link 0xd3c0.de garciaivo_09 Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-07-23 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor thomas13012m Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-07-24 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor auxilentmoon Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-01 seeh link link seeh petreo Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-02 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor raffut1969 Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-03 KpiTenBobZy link link kpitenbobzy loreto1 Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-03 RogerDeFlor link link rogerdeflor todolomeo Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-13 KpiTenBobZy link link kpitenbobzy auxilentmoon Verified 08/22/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-15 Foxooo link link foxooo dokanw Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-16 Foxooo link link foxooo trainmove180 Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-17 misal link link misal mxnyy Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-17 misal link link misal mxnyy Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-19 Nympheuz link link     Ratings Disabled
2022-08-19 petiprg link link petiprg garciaivo_09 Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-20 KnightDark link link knightdark solsyah Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-20 KnightDark link link knightdark solsyah Verified 08/23/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-21 KnightDark link link knightdark auxilentmoon Processing
2022-08-21 Nympheuz link link     Ratings Disabled
2022-08-24 Xander12 link link     Invalid
2022-08-24 gameraj link link gameraj jaxso2012 Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-25 Nympheuz link link nympheuz eye15 Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-26 raffut1969 link link raffut1969 mikejigsaw Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-26 raffut1969 link link raffut1969 natan412 Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-26 raffut1969 link link raffut1969 magistermiletum Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-26 raffut1969 link link raffut1969 lafenak3 Invalid
2022-08-26 raffut1969 link link xander raffut1969 Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-26 raffut1969 link link raffut1969 johan2001 Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-26 donkenburger link link donkenburger grosquick Verified 09/03/2022image.jpeg
2022-08-27 e.v link link e.v mbr1305  
2022-08-28 e.v link link e.v mbr1305  
2022-08-28 petiprg link link petiprg loreto1  
2022-09-01 Xander12 link link xander bodospl  



 @Xander12  @gameraj  @Nympheuz   @raffut1969   @donkenburger   @e.v  @petiprg 

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Updated 09/03/2022
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  • 8 months later...


I regret to have to make this report but this player named FUBAR did go a bit too far. He suddenly left a rated 1v1 game hosted by himself without resigning soon after I destroyed one of his CC, even though he had 2 and most of his infrastructure were intact. He began to talk rudely since I reached town phase, calling me names like 'smurf' and 'bullshit'. Even after the end of the game, he called me '@#$%' publicly in the lobby before leaving. I have both the replays and a screenshot. 


Had the game continued, I would likely have won. Therefore I think I deserve some rating increase, considering that many people have told me that I am underrated. 

My username: Roshan9

Offender: FUBAR



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Hi i'm Vrayer on the loby, bxzsthms quit without resigning....

Then he realized it and we made a quick game that way he could give me some points back but i don't think that worked.... (2nd file)

Anyway i don't think that was unfair on purpose from him

What's the best way to have our points back if the guy realize he wasn't fair, and without bothering @user1?



Thanks for everything



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23 hours ago, Vrayer said:

What's the best way to have our points back if the guy realize he wasn't fair, and without bothering @user1?

It's no bother. That's what I'm here for.

And that guy won't get into any trouble. I'll process it like the rest and remove his name afterwards.


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Hi @user1,

Yesterday I didn't get any rating points after I won a game :D  This is not the first time it happened (with different players each time), but I thought it is better to put it here.

It was a rated game (I hosted that game), and the opponent looked as he was there till the end because he was training units from his barracks. At the end the pop message appeared as I won the game but no ratings got updated.

My lobby name: Rarius_II

The oponent : 303UFO303 (Not sure whether he left or what happened at the end. But he was there training units till the last minutes)

By the way I would like to thank everyone behind this game :D Playing 0AD has become one of my favorite hobbies !!

/Rarius II

metadata.json commands.txt

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10 hours ago, ssg_cheesehead said:

Hi @user1,

303UFO303 quit without resigning from a rated game.

not the first time today as you can see at the post before. Wanna report him. Dont really care about the points. Just ban him for a few days. Thx.

My 0ad name is: ssg_cheesehead

This is the game replay @user1commands.txt

Thx for getting into it.

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