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  1. Ey! Dreamliner quit a rated game without resign. Thanks!commands.txtmetadata.json
  2. Eldi quit without resign when i was winning My Username in lobby RogerDeFlor Opponent Username. Eldimetadata.jsoncommands.txt THANKS!
  3. Hey good night user 101942 quitmetadata.jsoncommands.txt a game. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I want to report sardaukar, he left a game without resign. Thank you!!! commands.txt metadata.json
  5. Fronzolone quit a game @user1 commands.txt
  6. @user1 rorrosar quit a game! commands.txt
  7. @user1 Ku quit a game. commands.txt
  8. JWWatson1994 quit 2 games. thanks @user1 commands.txt commands2.txt
  9. Hi to all, new quiters! julius_erving 25/04/2020 09:12h rorrosaar 21/04/2020 14:48
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