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Proposal: More difficult AI settings

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Currently, the majority of players are much better than even the Very Hard aggressive AI and find it easy to defeat. Therefore, I would like to request the addition of even more challenging AI settings for pro players to practice and experiment new skills on. The current 'very hard' AI consistently makes a few strategic mistakes which slow down its eco and decrease its attacking ability even though they have 56% gather bonus:

1. Using women to mine

2. Not researching upgrades

3. Using men to gather food

4. Not using formations

5. Small pushes - real players often commit all of their units to a big push

6. Not knowing to retreat after rushing

7. Unwise timing for expansions

8. Chasing after lone enemy cavalry - causes idle time and increases risk

9. Lack of selection in where to attack - they attack a random location which could be well defended. They never outflank or make sneaky moves.

10. Not training in large batches

11. Not using enough women in early phases

12. Scattered troops and sending small groups of women out of the safe zone to build new cc


If the devs can fix these then the AI would be much more fun to play with. To make the AI more realistic we can also add a cavalry rush or archer rush feature. Just increasing the gather rate does make their boom faster but doesn't make the AI feel like a more challenging nor intelligent opponent. With that said, we can push the very hard AI's gather bonus to 100% to make it extra tough. 

Meanwhile, the very easy AI could do some smaller rushes, for example with just 5 archers. This makes the learning curve shallower for beginner players. 

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3 hours ago, Stan` said:

It's funny cause most new players complain about the AI being too hard

When I played my first match against the very easy Ai I also found it impossible. The reason why Ai is hard for beginners is they rush early with the combination of spearmen and ranged units, which is very hard to defend against. If you could let the Ai rush with only a few ranged units or a just a few spearmen then that would be much easier for the player. The very easy AI and very hard Ai use identical strategies, which is the problem. 

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It's a bit more complicated than that. It's not so much about the ideas, than putting them in practise. Since the departure of the last AI programmer, the AI is not being developed actively. We fix the bugs, but we do not really add new features.

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