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Improving the AI

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30 minutes ago, Yekaterina said:

I feel like Petra Bot is quite aggressive and whoever designed it definitely liked rushes more than boom + push. The Ai also seems to hate heroes, champions and siege.

its not like she does not like champions, before a24, champions were mostly not trained from barracks, so huge attack had mix of champions and citizen soldiers to not have idle barracks.
I remeber reading some thread where was complain that ai just builds huge army and then rolls over you so small attacks have been added to it.


29 minutes ago, hyperion said:

The issue is more that the engine needs some means to enforce max resources used by an ai to make such a tournament meaningful. This mechanism would be good irrespective of hosting such.

why would you limit capability of ai ? if enemy ai cant prevent ai from utilizing more resources, its enemy's ai fault

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52 minutes ago, Angen said:

You could try https://github.com/SlavomirSlovenkai/Kiara and tell me if its worse or better :)

I have tried it out. 

On very hard settings, it seemed to post more of a threat than PetraBot as it had quite a decent army composition and uses some cavalry appropriately. However, it was not much harder than Petra Bot; I managed to push and smash its base at the loss of only 2 units. 

The early raids were pretty deadly though; they slaughtered all of my miners eve though they were standing under my temple. I will check the replays to see if their boom speed was OK. Please excuse my nubbing as I was trying to test how the AI would respond in late phases but it never had time to make siege...

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On 08/04/2021 at 2:24 AM, Yekaterina said:

Not using formations

Btw, for this one.

It is very easy for ai from my experience to get formations to stuck and therefore to loose the match. But maybe that was just poor code by me. Anyway here are chalenges:

You need to find free enough space to put your army into formations and it gets hard with big army.

You need to detect that two formations are stuck in each other and deal with it somehow.

You need to detect if you are caught in dense forrest and therefore cant move on.

Attack code needs huge rewrite for formation usage.

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4 minutes ago, Angen said:

Not much, just me experimenting

It could be like in EE or Rise of Nations ... they liked to harass with messages ...

When you build a wonder he was enraged, and they threatened to throw away the wonder.


They should demand tribute sometimes ... Other times ... Warn that they are going to attack ...


They should also do rush, turtling ... But extreme.


Or that they raid and do not kill you (defeat) In Warcraft 3 they did that.

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1 hour ago, Angen said:
On 08/04/2021 at 1:24 AM, Yekaterina said:

8. Chasing after lone enemy cavalry - causes idle time and increases risk

I probably see what you mean but could you give a bit complex example?

See Valihrant 1vs4 AI. He caused huge havoc with just a few cav passing by.

If 1 of my scout cavalry goes near their territory, immediately a few AI units drop their work and start chasing after me. If we can add a feature which says to the AI:

If enemy Units Spotted<=2 then don't respond

If enemy Units Spotted >= 10 then emergency defence

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36 minutes ago, azayrahmad said:

AI never build walls

its a bit tricky to make sure gates are placed correctly to not block important paths, also getting rid of resources in the way for example to circle town with walls is kind of just by luck


38 minutes ago, azayrahmad said:

AI never upgrade

just lack of code

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